Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun or Cures for Cabin Fever.....

wow.....2 blog posts in a row.....must be a record:)

my girls are grown so their cure for cabin fever would most likely be 
but when they were younger, we sometimes needed something to shake things up a bit.
I told you about our annual "Camp Mommy" awhile back...
but here are some little ideas that I think might also be a big hit!

1.  water balloons...always a winner! 
 why are some people so against this?  
we had a blast each and every time....
and notice I said "WE".
water balloons are not just for kids:)

2.  the trusty lemonade stand.....
 or cookie stand, cupcakes, candy....all yummy:)
3.  okay, this is SO cool....make your own "I Spy" or "Find It" game.
 (sorry....I couldn't think of what you call these)
anyway, fill a water bottle with rice and little toy trinkets from around the house.
set a timer and each child gets to see how many items they find.
LOVE this one:)

4.  Button Art!  Isn't this pretty?
 I think this calls for a whole blog post someday, don't you?
but for now, buy a whole bag of cheap buttons and let them go at it.
you could draw a design and let them fill it in, make letters....
 Hey....this is a great Christmas gift idea!!!

5.  And for a healthy, delicious snack...
fruit in a waffle cone!  
 (okay.....what brilliant person thought of this?:)

there you go...ideas for the kids who are bored, for a rainy day 
or a day that is just TOO DANG HOT to play outside! 
(we have a lot of those down here:)
and remember.....YOU have fun TOO!


  1. Great ideas. It is so hot that staying inside is my choice. Love the button art.


  2. I love all of these ideas Suzanne! Who would have ever thought of the buttons? So creative. We are in the 'too hot to play outside' zone right now.

    Hope all is well with you my friend!


  3. love the button letter!
    Life IS too short, I'm enjoying the time I have! Family weekend this weekend with all my kids in town, love it!


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