Thursday, February 2, 2012

some VERY cute ideas!

so while surfing around the web,
i found some cool ideas...
and thought i had to do a blog post about them.

all are ideas i would have done or am planning to do.
take a look...
i absolutely LOVE the idea of a monogram on the front door.
nice change from a wreath;)

i'm not sure what i love more...
the extremely cool and clever craft table or the FLUFFY white POOF!

when my girls were little, my mom always told me to
write down cute little things they said and did.
i did...but not as much as i WISH i had!
this book would make it so easy to remember.

and speaking of books...
what a great idea to have a journal through the years.  If you set a goal of just 5 letters to each other per year, what a precious memory book you would have! 

SO CUTE...ribbon curtains!

okay...the most amazing, stop you in your TRACKS idea yet...
 okay...admit it.
this idea stopped you in your tracks, right?  lol
seriously, this one is for my nieces...
(except Kristin.  your boys may not appreciate it:)
but here is advice from your aunt sue...
i would give anything to go back in time and do this with my girlies.
do it for me...PLEASE:)

this next one falls under the category of
someone had the sense to figure out a way to 
store cupcake liners and make a cute kitchen accessory at the same time:)

MOM...this one is for you!
don't worry...i'll come up in the spring and help.
but you have a fabulous old wheelbarrow just BEGGING for this:)

(all photos found on pinterest.  thanks clever people!)



  1. So many cute ideas but photographing your daughter in your wedding dress is priceless! If Sara has a girl next time this will be something we will do for sure! hugs, Linda

  2. You're right. . I don't think the boys would appreciate a picture in my wedding dress so much. Sometimes it's a bummer because there are so many cute things for girls that don't have an equivalent for boys. I was just talking to someone about that with American Girl. I said, "What a clever business and how fun for little girls. . but what's something equally as cool for the boys?? There isn't anything I guess." Anything that boys are into just isn't "cute". . that's the nature of boys. :)

  3. I adore the wedding dress idea, I wish my daughter was still young enough to do this (she's 19 now :(
    The monogram on the front door is cool, too!
    Glad I came across your blog (I'm a new subscriber!)
    Have a fabulous day!


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