Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Rose Gold Wedding......

and to top it off......
it's a BARN wedding!

so, i had a pretty much perfect wedding, 
minus a few guests:) 
but IF i got married again, this is what it would be like...
a rose gold themed wedding in a barn. 
i know, i know......
i've done the "if i married again" post before......
what can i say?
i love weddings!

and i have LOVED rose gold since i discovered it as a teenager.
and unless i'm REALLY out of the loop,
it's kinda popular right now.
how perfect, the blending of gold and PINK roses to make rose gold...
a beautiful, peachy-pink shade of gold.
(rose gold is SORTA pink, right?  happy pink saturday!:)

now first, i'm going to show you a collage of the big day.
then if you scroll down, i'll highlight a few of the items.
all info for the items can be found on my polyvore set,
by clicking here.

take a look at my

i LOVE the mix of fancy and free.....
peachy pink and cream.....
rustic and glam!
here are a few closeups i HAVE to show you....

the dress.....
i think the thing i have to say about this,
 besides it's totally drop dead gorgeous,
is that some of the most unique wedding "gowns"
 can be found in the evening gown section,
not the bridal section.

the ring.....
i don't know about you, but diamonds aren't MY best friend:)
i like to be a bit different.
the bridesmaids.....
now, i would do a washed out rose gold dress.
but i kinda like the idea of the bride being the ONLY one
in a floor length gown.
and i also like the flowyness of this little dress.....
fun and flattering to various sizes:)

(and by the way, this dress wasn't in the set since i found it too late:)

wedding party gifts.....
maybe a sweet little "love" ring in rose gold,
or pretty earrings to wear with the dress?

 wedding party make-up.....
just so happens, Bobbi Brown has a rose gold themed makeup line.
see....maybe i AM in style!:)

the bride's COWBOY BOOTS...
you got it!
can't get married in a barn without a cute pair of boots
hiding under that breathtaking gown!

the flowers...
cause i love peonies, whether they go or not:)

the ADORABLE flower girl.....
maybe a bit more peachy pink but still!

the barn.....
can't forget that!

the decor.....

cute little signs everywhere.....
the CAKE.....

and as if you haven't had enough CUTE, SWEET, ADORABLE, AMAZING yet,
here is my absolute 
instead of "here comes the bride".....
how about THIS.....


hope you liked my ROSE GOLD WEDDING!
check out the other pink posts.....
you'l be so happy you did:)



  1. Hi lovely lady.
    All your photos are so Beautiful of this Barn Wedding. You did a Gorgeous job putting this all together WOW. This would be the wedding for me if my Hubby,and I ever marry one more Texas. !! Im following you now!! come see me if you can... I also love your Fayorite part~~ Uncle Mike here comes your Girl how sweet. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  2. Hello Suzanne,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your wedding pictures!!!!
    I love the little boy carrying the sign how adorable!!!
    Thanks for visiting and Happy Pink Saturday!!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

    P.S. I like your name ;-)

  3. Wow- Everything you showed here is absolutely beautiful...from the dress to the cake to the peonies. LOVE it all! xo Diana

  4. That would be a spectacular wedding, my favorite flower is the peony too. Can you just imagine how good the barn would smell!!!!My peonies are getting ready to bloom. Thanks for your visit today.

  5. Love it all,,,, if I ever get married again,,, I love this style too.....


  6. Loved this! Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! This was unreal!!! I LOVE this post...that cake is beyond, isn't it? And the barn--how perfect!!!!

    And last but not least, the little boy--how hilarious!!!

  8. Thanks for allowing me to attend your beautiful rose pink wedding, I truly enjoyed it!


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