Friday, December 7, 2012

Pink Christmas 2012

ho ho ho!
did you know.........

yes he does!
and he's not the only one.
a lot of people love pink.........especially a pink themed Christmas!
let's get started and try to get some "pinkspiration"!  (ugghh...i know.  bad joke:)

come in through the pretty pink door.......

(notice the ice skates on the door?:)

next, we have two totally different wreaths.
One is a gorgeous wreath made of pink ornaments.
and the other wreath is a floral that has an angel to bring it into the Holidays.
take off the angel and hello spring!

personally, i think the quickest, and easiest way to add color is through ornaments.
and can you believe that Michael's has theirs 50-60% off ALREADY?????

this next photo is just plain lovely!

here is my gift wrap for this year.
Home goods has this gorgeous pink tree paper for $3.99 for a large roll.
i made the tags by cutting up cards.
i think they'll look pretty under my white tree this year, don't you?

or you could go with bright pink........

and don't you love this look?
white, textured paper and soft pink patterned ribbon.
looks like Rachel Ashwell wrapped it herself:)

these flowers are actually soap.
Amazing, aren't they?
you can buy them at pink parchment soaps.

cute idea for a diy gift..........
a mason jar filled with pink mani and pedi goodies:)

but my favorite gift, and one i am on the hunt for, is for my dogs...........
pink lips dog toys:)

a gift for you from shabby blogs.........
free PINK printable gift tags.

just download HERE and print on white cardstock.
CUTE tags!

to wind up our little pink christmas,
look at this super sweet button tree with scrabble letters.
oh that i had as much time and talent as sweet tammy to craft:)

wishing you pink dreams and great JOY this holiday season!


joining in on pink saturday with the other pink ladies:)


  1. Suzanne- What a beautiful pink post- I loved it all from the pink door to the white embossed wrapping paper- beautiful- xo Diana

    1. Thank you sweet Diana!!! You always leave the nicest notes:).

  2. Suzanne, What a fun post. I love all of the pink! The dog photo is such fun and fits in well with all of the other photos!

    1. Thank you Carolyn! Those big pink lips on a dog would make anyone smile in their worst day, don't you think? So happy you stopped by:)

  3. Hi Suzanne,

    Nice to meet you! Love your pinkaliciousness!!! Merry Christmas!


  4. cute cute cute pink Christmas post.



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