Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i came across this the other day and 
thought it was pretty cool.......
what kind of eater are you?
minus the "excessive alcohol",
i do believe i'm stuck smack in the middle of level 1!
okay, maybe level 2.
but either way, i have work to do! hehehe
guess i'll pass on the super fattening but yummy pasta 
recipe i was going to share.
maybe next time:)

poor guy...i know how you feel:)

let's just move on.
now, i make absolutely NO apologies for being a
JEANS kinda girl.
wearing jeans make me kinda REALLY happy.
i would wear them all year, every day, with the occasional ball gown thrown in.
(but only because i have to go to those stuffy things from time to time;)
and i wear the jeans i LIKE.
i only buy new jeans when my favorites fall apart.
and i can say.......proudly.....that i love faded, worn, ripped jeans.
not inappropriately ripped or anything.
and not soooooo ripped all over.
but yes, i do believe i might be one of the few moms who gets excited
over a perfect pair of faded/worn/ripped jeans.
for me and my girls.
so fashionistas everywhere.........
you would hate my "look".
but i love it!
now that i've rambled.........

come on, they're kinda cute, don't ya think?
yep, i LOVE a great pair of blue jeans.
what about you?
what's that one thing in your closet you just can't do without?


  1. Love your choices!! I have to say that my favorite go to piece is a little black sheath dress. I wear it a lot! xo Diana

  2. I would say I'm somewhere between level 1 and 2!! Except for the excessive alcohol and coffee!
    Love a great pair of jeans, but I have to say, my (very comfortable) black trousers is the one thing I cannot do without!



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