Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fresh Fruit Kabobs, Tacos, Cones, Parfaits and MORE Crazy Combos!

 It's that time of year again.......
Warm weather, Summer Holidays, Picnics, Fireflies and Family Fun!
It's also the time of year when so many fruits are at peak season........
which means fresh, healthy, fun snacks!
I'm all about EASY.  And DELICIOUS!  And if a snack can be FUN, even better;)
I swear, I can think of all kinds of treats for kids (or young at heart).
Just don't ask me to do sophisticated, please! 
So here are some SUPER FUN and EASY treats for a picnic, birthday party, cookout or anytime in between........

Summer Holidays usually have a bit of red, white and blue going on,
so why not make our treats that way too!
1.  Red/White/Blue Parfait.......just layer whipped cream (or yogurt) with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  Personally, I'd add a cherry on top:) BHG
2.  Fruit "Sparklers" or Kabobs:)  Berries and Marshmallows in the shape of a flag.  Berry Kabobs
3.  Flag Fruit and Cheese Tray......Don't just bring a boring fruit and cheese platter.....dress it up like a flag! Red, White & Blueberries & Cheese Tray
4.  Watermelon Pop Stars.........Star shaped pieces on a popsicle stick! Watermelon Pop Stars
5.  Flag Fruit...........This is also a cute and simple way to display fruit....The stars are black raspberries and the stripes are rows of banana slices with strawberries on top.

More Fruit Fun.........
1. and 2.  Kids LOVE fruit in an ice cream cone.  Trust me on this one:)
3.  Sugar Cookie Fruit cute and delicious! Just a Pinch
4.  Chocolate chip cookie cups with fruit.......cookie cups

Don't you think the little picnic munchkins will love these ideas?  The not-so-little ones do too:)

If these summery fruit ideas don't get you excited for about these?

Summer flowers.......daisies in a glass of water with food coloring aded.  Cute:)
Guess that's it for now, my chicas!

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