Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 New Year's Resolutions...To Make or Not To Make...

Do you make resolutions for the New Year?
I haven't for awhile now,
but I'm thinking I might this year. 
Whether you call it a resolution, goal or whatever,
the New Year seems like a good time for a fresh start.

According to Forbes Magazine, 92% of people who make resolutions break them.
Or never even start working on them.
The most common resolutions are the following:
Lose Weight/Be healthier
Quit Smoking
Pay off Credit Card Debts/Save Money
Be More Organised
Be Nicer/A Better friend

I think this one is good...............
But that's just me:)  I like driving people crazy! lol

Or how about this one I made up earlier, as a joke.............
but now that I think about it, I like it!

Anyway, there are a few things every expert
say would help us keep our resolutions or achieve our goals.
(not me......I'm no expert for sure:)

The first thing is to simply start!
That's it...........just START!
Sounds simple but trust me, it's the hardest step for some of us.
Personally I think we should "start" without a lot of fanfare.
Just quietly go about doing it.  That's what I'm gonna do.
Just chip away at it.

The next key to success is to keep going!
Don't give up.  Even if you screw up and blow your resolution, just start over
and keep going.  Who is watching and judging anyways?
Nobody should ignore anyone who is quick to point out that you failed in 
your resolutions.   That one IS simple.

Third, make it an achievable goal.  Not some crazy hard thing............
something you have at least a chance to accomplish.

Actually, this might be the very best one:)
Just be YOU!
I swear that comparison is a terrible enemy of ours.  
And like it or not, social media.............and I mean all social media, as well as TV, doesn't help much.  Everyone talks about their perfect life and amazing marriage and blah blah blah.  
Let's be real...........we're all doing the best we can on a daily basis.
Or most of us.  I believe that.

Rather than a "resolution", how about filling out something like this next list..........
more of a to-do list for the year.
I like that!

You may be wondering what mine are.
I guess I better figure that out in the next 45 minutes, right?
I'm thinking of the following.
-I want to lose weight but instead of saying "lose 20 lbs", 
i'm saying this.....I want to exercise a minimum of 3 days a week.  
Just do something Suzanne.
-And I want to cut out sugar as much as I can.  
-There is a program in town for people with MS where you can do free group horseback riding..........and I love riding, so I want to do that.
-I do a lot of projects.  I see new ones and start them without finishing old ones.
i want to stop doing that, and focus on just a few.  And learn to do them well.
-I would love to read one good book every week but I'm not sure that is attainable, so I will say every 2 weeks.
-I want to laugh more.  Just laugh.  And not stress.
-And I want to borrow one from Shondra Rimes and "say yes" more.
That may be my tough one;)

But if I fail at all of them, it'll be ok if I simply do the following............

 whatever you decide to do in 2016,
I wish you the best, happiest, healthiest year yet, 
filled with many blessings.


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