Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CONFESSIONS of a 50 Y.O Makeup Junkie...

Why hello there!
How are y'all doing today?
It's just me, your friendly, LAZY blogger:)
What can I say.........
I've been getting a few things ready for my friend's shop AND for some reason,
I've had a run on tutu orders.
The Beach Gypsies are back in business!! 
 I think. LOL
But more about that another time.
For today it's a beauty blog..........
for us chickies who are over the magic number of 50.
(And everyone else, too:)
So let's get to it!

I really am a makeup junkie.
But fortunately, I am a CHEAP makeup junkie!
And when I love something, I will use it to death.
(Or at least until something else catches my eye;)

this time, I feel really good about what I have chosen
I have been using this stuff for quite awhile now.
See what you think..........

First up is SKINCARE!
OOOOOHHH.......this is a biggie for us over 50 chickies:)
Some things go unspoken but assumed.
~Considering the fact that I grew up BAKING in Michigan as a teen,
and have lived in South Florida (ahem.......the sub-tropics, technically)
for just over 20 years, I know a bit about sunscreen.  
Actually, I know about the PRICE you pay for baking in the sun,
which led me to know a little about sunscreen:)
Here is what I have to say about it...........
Use ingredients that have it added so when you forget, you have some help.
If not, use at least 30 SPF.  50 SPF if you really want to.
But most dermatologists will say the 100 SPF is just hooey.
Don't ditch your 30 and run to the store for 100 thinking it's better.
That's just good ol American marketing at work!
I like SunBum, Australian Gold and Neutrogena.  But that's just me:)

But here's what I really want to show you and it's for every day skincare.
For less than $40.00
y'all can keep your skin soft and mostly wrinkle free!

* Prices above are approximate, within 20cents, from Amazon.
Let's face it.........most of us are fighting dryer skin in these magical years.
And wrinkles.
So those are the issues I'm addressing here.............
#1 Coconut Oil  
I've talked about this (as everyone else has) many times before.
But in a nutshell, it's the BEST I have found for removing makeup (especially eye makeup),
moisturizing skin all over your body, and adding shine to hair.
Oh.......and it is a FABULOUS shaving cream:)
I use the brand pictured above 
but just make sure you get any extra-virgin coconut oil.
I also use Lou-Ana, found at the grocery store.

#2 Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum
It's actually a very light cream in a tube, but we'll go with serum;)
Now, it boasts the claim that you will see improved skin in seven days.
And guess what?????
I DID!!!  I really LOVE this product and slap it on AS WELL AS coconut oil.

#3 Pond's Cold Cream
 If you are buying expensive cleansers, you're kinda crazy.
Sometimes you have to give Grandma credit for her soft skin back in the day.
My absolute FAVORITE cleanser is Pond's Cold Cream.

For simplicities sake, I am sharing my number #1 favorite drugstore line.
After that, I'll show you a few favorites from other lines.
But for me, the winner in the all-around make-up line,
the one that makes you say your friends are crazy for buying expensive stuff is.............
NYX.  (NEVER to be confused with NYC makeup)
I was a bit of a M.A.C junkie..........and I still could be.
(more about that later:)
But this is a copycat line that is significantly cheaper!
My advice is to go to Ulta for your NYX.  
They carry a HUGE selection and drugstores are only just adding in bits and pieces.
In the above photo, you will see the items I use.  
Shades are individual but I can say I like the brown, purple and black eyeliner,
 mascara in jet black, blush in desert rose
 and the lipstick is awesome in Audrey, Tea Rose or Natural!

Honorable mention goes to:
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer
which I also use with the desert rose blush.

Since my eyelashes seem to have disappeared, 
I use a primer before my mascara.
My fav is M.A.C Prep + Prime.

Lip Pencils........
You're gonna love these, cause they are awesome and even CHEAPER than NYX,
 which are pretty cheap:)
ESSENCE Lip Pencils (at Ulta) are $1.49!!!!!
And their lipstick is pretty great too...I like Natural Beauty.

Okay, I think that covers makeup:)
Moving on to HAIR.........
Mine is short these days.  (Very short!) 
So I wear it piecey and I like it soft and shiny.
So.........Garnier Fructis is my choice, partly because of the AMAZING scents;)
I love Pixie Play for the tousled/messy look:)
And next to Coconut Oil, I am in LOVE with shine serums.  I use this one,
 but most work great.
And not just for hair.........they are AWESOME for dry skin too, everywhere:)

Okay BEAUTIES, I'm done.
Rambled enough.
Showed you how cheap I am:)
Shared my confessions with you.
Hope you enjoyed this and found something you want to try also!

Wait.........I forgot to show you what I'm excited to see.
M.A.C Cosmetics CINDERELLA line, coming out this week.

So pretty............
Aaahhhh...stay tuned.  I'll be sure to let you know if I try it;)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yummy, SWEET Valentine's Treats That You Can Make in a Hurry!

Happy Hearts Day!!!!!
Need some last minute ideas for your sweethearts?
 (big and small ones alike:)
well I've got you covered.......and I can vouch for them all! 
(and i'm starting to look like it;)
Let's get to it.........

Oreo Cookie Balls (or Oreo Truffles)   
 So good and SO easy!
What you need:
1 pkg.  (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
40  OREO Cookies, finely crushed, divided
4 pkg.  (4 oz. each) BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate, broken into pieces, melted

MIX cream cheese and 3 cups cookie crumbs until blended.
SHAPE into 48 (1-inch) balls. Freeze 10 min. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer in shallow waxed paper-lined pan.  (Tip: use a toothpick to dip)
Sprinkle with remaining cookie crumbs.
REFRIGERATE 1 hour or until firm.
(Substitute white chocolate if desired)

We have a tradition of making pink or red foods on Valentine's day.
This next drink is on the menu:)

Maybe I should stop here and get to dinner rather than dessert:)
No complicated dish here.........
Pizza with heart pepperoni!
Or take it a step further and shape your own dough in a heart:)
Me?  I'm lazy.  It's the heart shaped pepperoni for this girl:)

Okay, okay........you want something healthier, right?
How about fruit kabobs?
(Well, there IS fruit!  And marshmallows too!)

Don't you just love vintage Valentines?
The good old days:)

Sweet and Salty Valentine Popcorn
1/2 cup unpopped popcorn
1 bag Colorburst Pastels Candy Melts 
(Wiltons............or use any white chocolate to melt)
1 bag Valentine M&Ms
Sea Salt to taste

Lastly, I share you cookies made by my own little Valentine:)

Love, Love, Love on Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Michael Kors is Pretty in Pink, Tan and White, just in time for Valentine's Day...and SPRING!

Can you believe it's already Valentine's Day?
Me either!!!
Today, I thought I'd share my favorite picks for a truly
SWEET Treat........for yourself or for your Valentine to give you,
straight from Michael Kors.
(HINT: just send him this blog post and direct him to the
nearest MK lifestyle store;)
Michael Kors Pretty in Pink

I suppose I should say that my daughter works for
 Michael Kors in Naples, Fl.
In fact, she just got a promotion!!!!
Happy, Happy, HAPPY!
She even had a few other offers at the time but when
she got the offer from MK, that sealed it.
She loves working there and she loves the product. (Me too:)
Actually, I liked MK well before she started working there.
She just helps feed my habit;)

Funny thing is, I'm not a "designer" person.
I will shop at MK and then stop at a thrift shop on the way home.
Walmart carries my favorite leggings.
I really like the sundresses at the beach store.
And I'm a regular at Target.
See.....I spread the love and help out a variety of stores!
But I do LOVE Michael Kors.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, (YIKES..........need cards!)
I thought I'd share my favorite goodies from the new line.
According to Taylorina, they are flying out of the store so act fast.
And if you're near Naples Waterside Shops, 
pop in and see Taylor.

Check out this GORGEOUS line of "Pink".
Complimented by the camel color, it's so fresh!

Are you a fan of Rose Gold?
It's my absolute favorite.
Well before I knew about MK, just sayin:)
In fact, back in the day, I had a ROSE GOLD fingernail on my pinky.
For real.
No kidding.
(although maybe I wish I were;)
And nobody does it better.....see for yourself..........
I just feel that unless you have the skin that is made for silver,
rose gold is such a warm, attractive metal.

Maybe now I should mention two of the things I love about the MK line.
1.  Michael uses a lot of Rose Gold, which I love. (as we already know, right:)
2.  He believes in mixing metal.  Layer it on.  
You don't have to have ALL silver or all gold or rose gold. 
 Thank you!  (This is especially great for us indecisive types:)

Fun fact...........Michael Kors calls his camel color "luggage". 
 It's a best seller, goes with everything and is his own personal favorite color.
And if you don't have anything in that shade, get it:)
And with spring coming, mix it with WHITE!
I also included my first ever, favorite grown up perfume.........
Michael Kors Signature.
It has scents of gardenia, vanilla and more but he had me at gardenia.
Seriously, I wore my daughters perfumes...sweet, surfer girl perfumes:)
Now we all love this.
It's pretty and light enough for life in Florida.......or wherever.

Well, see anything you like?
I know you did;)
Like I said, find a store or shop online at Michael Kors.
If not, I have one more tip!
Someone sent us Shari's Berries for Christmas.
I'd seen and heard the ads but thought.........ewww!
They''ll be rotten before they get to Florida.
We fought over these berries and devoured them in record time.
And these are some seriously big berries!

I just sent some to my Mom for hearts day and her reaction was the same as mine.
Oh My Heck these are good!!! :)
They ship quick so if you need em, there's still time.
Although shipping may be $$$ at this point.)
But keep Shari's Berries in mind!

See ya!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Painted Animal Jars, Garlands, Boho and More........A Few of My Favorite Finds

Hello Lovelies!
Ever have those days where you stumble on a bunch of FABULOUS things?
I had one of those days........
and now I'm sharing my favorite finds with you!

First up, the talented and beautiful Heather from Bells in the Woods
 posted this last Thursday.
Painted Animal Jars!
Source: Woods of Bell Trees
Love, Love, Love! 
Can't you see them in a child's room, kitchen, bathroom
or anywhere?
Bunnies on top for Easter.  
Deer on top for a Rustic Christmas.
Roosters for a Kitchen........
So many uses:)
Thank you Heather!!!
Visit Bells in the Woods for directions.

Next, I stumbled on this doily garland.
Not sure where but it is pretty cool!

Holy Heck.......
Don't you just LOVE these 
OMBRE painted pine cones?    
Ombre Painted pinecones
Source: Whimzeecal
 They look complicated but after viewing the tutorial, not so bad. 
 I think:)
Okay, my daughter is a fan of a surf lifestyle blog called SWELL.
They have bunches of cool ideas, like this one!
A Scarf that is knotted in two places to form a Kimono shape wrap.
Check out swell for the instructions, but be warned.........
DIY Scarf Kimono Wrap
               DIY Scarf Kimono Wrap Source: DIY Scarf Kimono Wrap

Cute, Cute, CUTE!!!
This would totally make a baby's room perfect:)
Burlap Crib Pillow
Source: Bella Gray
You know those infinity scarves you see everywhere?
This one becomes a cowl scarf too!
Full instructions and pattern at Gleeful Things!

 Source: Gleeful Things

What'd I tell you?  
Seriously cool stuff!!!!
Linking up with 
Katherine's Corner Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!
Katherine's Corner

Friday, January 23, 2015

Made With Love....Simple Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts and Decorating

When my girls were younger,
we had barely put Christmas decorations away
before we started decorating for Valentine's Day.  
Hearts were everywhere, and we were already thinking of
what Valentines to make and what would be on our 
Pink and Red Menu for Valentine's Day.

The past few years we've kinda let it go.
Life just got more busy, you know?
Until a few days ago, when my 12 year old niece Macy
wrote to show us pictures of how she had decorated her room.
I think she did an AMAZING job!
She finished by asking how we were decorating this year.
Ummmmm..........well,  I wasn't sure if we were.
UNTIL that email from her.
Until I was inspired by a young girl's festive spirit.
So I went online and I walked around the house,
 looking for ideas.
I found a few things I had made and tweaked them a bit
to make them work for Valentine's Day, either as a
decoration or as a small gift.
See what you think........
Valentine's Gifts to Make

1.  Candy hearts look adorable in a Mason Jar pedestal.  At least I think so.......
but then, I love these candies so I would think they look great in ANYTHING!
And these are really easy to make, using a mason jar, candlestick and E6000 glue.

2.  Painted Mason Jars and Milk Bottles hold anything you can think of,
and would be a beautiful way to hold flowers, candy or special messages.

3.  Bejeweled Mini Mason Jars.......Strips of lace or burlap glued around a jar, embellished with a jewel and/or flower.  These look cute gathered on a table top and make
AWESOME gift containers!  No wrapping necessary:)

4.  Heart Garland.......dollar store craft!  

5.  Heart Pencil Toppers........Again, the wire and pencils were bought at the dollar store.
Simply twist a piece of the wire into a heart shape and wrap on the pencil tops.
These heart toppers are also fabulous on a longer stick and used as bubble blowers!  

Thank you Macy!
Without the inspiration from you, we might've been lazy and let this Holiday slip by:)

A few other decorations I found were these:
A heart wreath.......paper hearts glued on a wreath or any round form.
Paper heart wreath

 Pom Pom Monsters!
How cute are these?  Pretty dang cute if you ask me:)
Pom-Pom Monsters

Heart Rag Wreath!  Super cute and EASY!

Yarn wrapped letters or hearts.  This is such a simple project that
will be a real eye catcher!

Well, why NOT a heart tree?  
You could write little messages on them or leave as is.........
cute either way!
  Remember the heart garland I mentioned above?
You could tie them on branches outside.  Awesome!

Alrighty then, I think that's about it.
Check back soon.......I have other ideas to pass on but didn't want
 to bombard anyone:)


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