Friday, March 30, 2012

Swamp People Birthday Party...

i'm serious.
we had a Swamp People party for Jordan's birthday.
to her credit,
she had no idea of the theme.
but she did love it,
southern girl that she is!
we always go all out with a theme,
planning a whole day of fun for the birthday girl.
and now that my girls are older, we still do themes...
and sometimes, like THIS time,
the SILLIER the better.
(although SpongeBob was pretty silly:)

what can i say...
we love watching Swamp People:)
and Bayou Billionaires.
and Duck Dynasty.
could be worse.
oh yes it could...and you know it:)

to her credit, Taylorina did an AMAZING job decorating.
(what an amazing little hostess she is:)
we had pics of some of the swamp people...
Troy (our favorite), Jacob, Junior, Willie.
some of the "sayings" to come from the show...

we used plenty of camo, balloons and crepe paper.
  a green Hula skirt decorated the kitchen Island,
HEY...we have a PRETTY swamp!
(swamp people hostess Taylor)
some yummy GATOR EGG cookies
 (well, that's what WE called them anyway;)
and we found these cool gator hats.

ahem...a party from the DOLLAR store...
that made it even better!

but maybe the best part was the cake Taylor made. (we LOVE cake)
she baked a french vanilla cake and using food coloring,
made it in camouflage colors.
Then, using my Mom's frosting recipe (Jordie's favorite)
she frosted the cake so creatively and COOL!
even set "gator lines"!
(good thing chocolate gators are everywhere down here...
and by the way..."CHOOT EM" is another line from the show:)
it was SO yummy, despite being the colors of swamp and mud. hahahaha
what can i was FUN!
we went to the beach, watched Swamp People, went to dinner...
and went to the drivers license office where Miss J got her


and did i mention presents?
opening presents in her new RAFA jacket from Taylor
(favorite tennis player, Rafael Nadal)
whoa...what is Jordan so excited about?
her brand new...


oh my gosh...these are so GORGEOOUS!!!
can i borrow them sometime?:)
all in all...a great day.
i know what you're pink this year.
but even girly girls like to get "muddy" once in awhile,
 have some Fun...
and it was fun:)

hope you're having a FUN FRIDAY!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Country Girl...

so, my Country Girl, Surfer Girl, Cowgirl is 
15 years old today

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!

i didn't think you could get any sweeter and more lovable than you
were in this picture...but
my world is brighter and more beautiful every single day, 
because YOU are in it:)

both you and your sister probably sound
too good to be true to readers of my blog...
but the truth is, you're priceless gifts from God...
and like any priceless gift,
i will always TREASURE you...
and i will always LOVE you!

my wish for you is a year...and a life filled with all the WONDER
i can see in your eyes when i look at this picture of you as a child,
it was take at the most wonderful place on earth...
Disney World...Magic Kingdom...
and sweetheart,  i truly wish a wonderful, BLESSED
life where all your WISHES and DREAMS come true!
(and never give up on the fairytale:)

here is a little online "gift" i made just for you...
hope you like it!
just a girl...

this just TRULY describes my girl.
she is what she is...
my beautiful BIRTHDAY girl.
I Love You!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Parade...

don't you love this time year?
spring, EASTER...
it's such a beautiful time.
I remember when i was a little girl,
it also meant something else.
it was a time to go shopping with my mom for
a new PRETTY Easter dress...
there was just something about it that i'll never forget.
every little girl at church paraded in on Easter Sunday with their
Easter Dress...and sometimes a new hat/bonnet,
new little purse or matching shoes.
for some reason, i remember we could actually wear white...
before labor day...
as in white patent leather mary janes and
white sandals.

the colors were all so pretty!
i remember my favorite dress EVER.
it was a pretty robin's egg blue and white...
kind of like a "Heidi" dress.
it looked a little like this... Baby Girls Easter Dresses (3M - 4T): Clothing brings back such memories:)
and when my own girls were little, i dressed them up...
and they were always matching:)
but i also remember it seemed to end at an earlier age than when i was a kid..
now, i'm wondering...and HOPING...
that girls still dress up for church.
in particular, Easter Sunday.
cause if they don't, they're missing out on something special.
look at these sisters from way back...
makes me wish i had a photo like this:)

truly the good ol' days!

down here in casual Florida, 
pastels and sundresses seem to ALWAYS be in.
but up north, where i grew up,
it's just one more sign of spring.
nothing like an EASTER parade to get you in the springtime mood:)
Easter Parade

 i also remember how we went to Florida when i was young...
and they had an Easter Bonnet parade.
it was soooo much fun making up cute, quirky hats.
i could be wrong but i vaguely remember dressing up one of my nieces.

look at some of the clever Easter Bonnets and dresses in these parades...

Sweet Southern Belles...

 ADORABLE little girls in their bonnets...

WOW...these are amazing:)
they're wearing a whole Easter basket on their head!

i hope this family won...
and maybe after the parade, or for Easter brunch,
how about some PRETTY 
Easter Bonnet cookies!

isn't this so much fun?

tell me, did you get a new Easter dress or 
make a bonnet when you were younger?
if so, what did your favorite look like?

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Mom.....

is celebrating her birthday today!
as if we didn't before, 
i think i speak for all of my sisters when i say
that more then ever,
we appreciate and LOVE our Mom.
we are so blessed to have her in our lives and to be able to call her 
our MOM!
let me tell you a few things about her.

My Mom.....makes the BEST 
mashed potatoes with gravy and strawberry shortcake
....grew up in Michigan the best gift wrapper i know....always wanted to be a nurse
.....has a great laugh....has more energy than i do (FOR SURE)
....always volunteered for my class at school....(i especially remember seeing her
in the hallway waving to me during the halloween costume parade)....
....once broke her toe when a huge boulder rolled on it
....likes shabby chic

....loves to read magazines
....loves her some BLING on an outfit
 (okay...maybe not this kind of bling:)
....made the BEST school lunches
....hates shellfish....can sew....knits great washcloths
....loved baskin-robbins JAMOCHA almond fudge ice cream

.....doesn't know how pretty she is
....let me be a tomboy
....plays the piano
....loves to SING
....likes riding her bike....loves a good bargain
....always has ice cream in the house
....still experiments with make-up a good sport
....always kept us a special home
....likes a good nutty donut
....loves to hang out with her girls a great grandma
....buys great presents
....has the kind of skin that tans beautifully
more than anything, she
....loves her family
.....loves the Lord
that's MY MOM!

even though times are tough...
you are not alone.
not really.
just as you have been there for us,
we are there for you.
might be by phone....
but we are there...and WE LOVE YOU!
Happy Birthday

knitting 101...

no, no, no...
this is not a knitting tutorial, silly!:)
but i AM taking my first knitting class this morning!!!
and i'm really excited.
(note to self...PLEASE don't give up a week later!)

i've always wanted to knit.
actually, we did learn a bit...thanks to my mom and sister.
but it never really clicked with me,
so i decided i need official lessons.
PLUS...i keep thinking i'll have a sweet little knitting group
like the ones in Debbie Macombers Blossom Street books.
(still living in the clouds:)
and they do say knitting is good for you...
with my class coming up, it's made me curious.
what are other people knitting these days?
what do i have to look forward to making when i get the hang of this?
here's what i found...

 people are apparently making "tree warmers".
hmmm...very cool, but i think i'll pass on this one:)

i could knit a cute outfit for my mini cooper....NOT
 OR i could knit a bus cover...

 BUTTER...that's what i'll knit!
way less fattening you know!

no, wait...
i'll knit a TANK cover!!!
what the heck?:)

okay, okay...what would i really like to knit someday?
baby outfits!
but what if it turned out like this...
 (so funny:)

seriously, i like these...
 a little shawl.

 a chunky, soft cable knit quilt.

 sweet, simple baby hats.

i would like to keep my ballerina outfitted with leg warmers.
and yes, they do wear them:)

 and EVERYONE would love these next leg warmers...
ballerina or not.

 a super soft, chunky scarf.
 i could make my own cool bracelets!

 and you better believe my grand babies will have these...
how SWEET!:) to class.
have a great day!!!!!

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