Thursday, March 8, 2012

chicken, cheese, coconut, caramel...

and if THAT didn't get your attention, 
nothing will:)

i found a photo on pinterest for Crispy Cheddar Chicken
which led me to the most AMAZING food blog i've found yet.
it also led me to a recipe for
seriously, every single recipe i have looked at on her blog and tried myself have been DELICIOUS!!
my family was crazy about the dinner i made, thanks to her.
her name is Jamie and the blog is Jamie Cooks It Up.
rather than post the actual recipes here, I am sending you straight to her blog.
Just click on each recipe and it will take you to the directions.
while you are there,
 look around for other yummy dishes to try.

trust me...
you're going to LOVE Jamie's recipe blog.
your family will too!!!
~Bon Appetit~


  1. Well, you know I am going to have to head over there now! are really tempting me here- xo Diana

  2. That chicken looks so good....going to visit that blog now! hugs, Linda


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