Monday, March 5, 2012

I Love LIME...the spring trend is NEON!

as a child of the 80's, i knew neon.
i WORE neon!!!
and thought i looked just amazing, thank you very much:)
well...maybe it wasn't a good trend to jump into full force back then...
anymore than it is today.
i WOULD say just skip it.
but i was shopping and guess what...neon is in the stores.
so what to do?
my personal opinion is that you could wear it in a tank top, 
athletic shorts, bathing suit (great with a tan),
or a tennis dress, like Maria Sharapova.
but anything more and you could be in trouble.
fashion trouble:)
this calls for restraint...
like maybe a simple pop of color under a suit.
that could be a fresh, fun change.

my favorite neon these days is...
NOT pink!  surprised?

i'm just kinda feeling the lime a bit more.
i like it best with accessories...

a cute bag
(and mixing with other brights is perfectly ok!)

a piece of jewelry, like this gorgeous cuff.
or these neon friendship bracelets that have been blinded out.

maybe a pair of crystal flip flops.
just one little pop of neon and you have freshened up an outfit.

if all else fails and you wouldn't be caught getting the mail in neon,
you can always wear neon pj's.
Victoria Secret makes a great nightshirt in neon colors, 
as well as fun casual clothes in neon.

and don't forget another big trend this spring/summer...
ANYTHING in tangerine!

(pssst...boatnecks are also popular!)

HRH knows color is sometimes a good thing...
and brights don't always have to be totally neon to be current...just bright!

and while we are talking about her, i do believe she had a hand in LACE being popular.
especially lace dresses.
here is a double points winner...lace AND neon:)

and who can deny this hot pink blouse is a wake up call?:)
so there you have it.
that wasn't too painful, was it?

until tomorrow when it's all about 
polka dots


  1. Good Morning Suzanne Sweetie...
    Oh what a gorgeous share today. Neons, oh my gosh, can you believe it? Fashions always circle back, and if we only had some of those wonderful things we wore back in the days. Loved them then, and can't wait to wear them now.

    I have always loved Neon green with navy. It just pops. I have to get a pair of those lime flip flops. Love flip flops.

    Thanks for the share dear one. I pray you are doing well. I keep you in my prayer book sweetie.

    Have a glorious day. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. I loved Neons back in the day. Now I'm too old to wear them but I do like that pop of Lime in a! Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Suzanne! I have always loved the neons for summer wear. I wore a lot of the lime green back in the 70's. I had a neon lime green bikini that I wore one whole summer and got tons of compliments on it.

    I just wore that same color while we were visiting Disney World and had a couple of people tell me they loved my top~ What fun to see this post- xo Diana


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