Friday, March 16, 2012

stuff i love on friday...

happy friday!
is it me, or does it seem like the week seems to 
fly by REALLY fast???
probably just me.
probably because it makes me realize what i DIDN'T get done during the week:)
oh well...
at least i have a friday favorites post done.
so here we go with some stuff i love on friday...
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i mentioned this week i am CRAZY about polyvore.
look at some of my favorite things, all in one nice box.

1.  NYX make up.
i know i just did a makeup post recently.
but in that post i mentioned a CHEAPO lipstick that someone said was 
pretty GREAT.
well...yesterday i found it at ULTA...
as well as foundation, mascara, eye pencils...all kinds of goodies.
while i don't have all the things pictured,
i am really HAPPY with what i do have.
and like i said, i didn't drop a bundle in the process.

NYX makeup

2.  sticking with the polyvore theme,,,
i made a collection of some shabby/vintage STUFF i love...

shabby dreams

i love dreamy spaces, antiques, vintage and paris.

3.  now this outfit, i seriously LOVE.
totally me.
if only i had it...i'd be wearing it today.
except it wouldn't look so SKINNY once it was on me...
but i still love it:)

hello beautiful

okay...just a few more favorites for today...
i love healthy eating tips that seem Do-able.
like these healthy snacks...
i LOVED (notice i say "loved") this when i first saw it in
now that it is mid-march, i wish i had followed it.
but that's the beauty of it...tomorrow is another day:)

and last but not least,
i love little inspirational quotes.
this one is so sweet...and so true.
so whether you can carry a tune or not,
for today,
SING out loud:)

happy friday everyone.
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friday favorite things | finding joy

 so pop over and see some more favorite things!
and whatever you do,
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  1. I always enjoy your favorite things! This was a fun post! Hugs, Linda

  2. landed here from MBC and following! Hope you'll stop by Oh and a little plug for another one that you can now import your blog into free for added exposure Nice blog you have, and hope you're meeting your goals!!! I too would like to start next month just a little lighter!

  3. What fun favourites! and truly is an amazing iphone cover. wow!


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