Thursday, June 30, 2011

Take the Time...

to do what you need to do.
what you WANT to do.
what you can do!
I need to remember this.
on days like today...
and yesterday...
and tomorrow.

days that fly by and are WAY too busy.
but good busy, so that's ok.
 for once, I have TONS of things to blog about...
and no time to do it.

but i'll get to it...
when I can.
in the meantime...
I'll try to do THIS...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Dreamy, Creamy Good Life...

today I am joining in on White Wednesday at Faded Charm
and Good Life Wednesday at A Beach Cottage,
which explains the title of this blog post:)

basically, I have a few pics of things that are some of my favorite
things for decorating
 (and they just HAPPEN to be cream and white!)
because they are favorites, they are part of the "good life" for me.

 Subway Art~I LOVE subway art.  but the next piece I get I would like
to be white-washed based, like this one.
Stenciled Pillows~LOVE these too!  especially with french words, numbers, quotes

 Painted Vintage Luggage~I have 3 pieces painted and one to go...
and I look for them everywhere.
sigh...the good life:)
Mirrored Armoires and Mother of Pearl-ish handled silverware:)
two things I have always wanted...someday.

Twinkle Lights!!!!! 
everything looks better with a string of twinkle lights.
I have them in both girls bedrooms, the family room, in a large glass
cylinder of flowers, strung around the pool area and on the front porch.  
we LOVE twinkle these!
 now come on... would you EVER leave this bed?
i wouldn't:)
and how about this little trick... stringing them with a garland of doily hearts...

and since it's SOOOOOOO hot down here,
a white Christmas is sounding pretty good.
just looking at this photo cools me off...
now THAT would be a good life for me right now:)
and speaking of the Holidays,
it feels good to KNOW I am going with a white theme again this year...
so I think I'll just have to make this sweet little wreath,
made from a foam base with pearls glued on it.
one more thing...
CROWNS make every day a royal one:)
these are a few of mine...

so remember...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Shabby Chicks Shape-Up Plan...

...some nerve, huh?
i don't post anything in a long time and then I come back 
with THIS...
SUPER SIMPLE starter plans to get in shape.
hey...I don't know about you but
check it out...and do it with ME:)
just need LEG work?
then THIS is for you...
if you can't do all they suggest, just use it as a guideline.

and because I like you, a few food tips...
and if this is the LAST thing you're interested in,
then you must be one of the lucky ones...
so make THIS!
red velvet brownies with white chocolate buttercream frosting.
oh HECK!!!
i could eat them all...
but since I can't, you can tell me how AMAZING they are:)
find the recipe on this lovely blog...


Monday, June 13, 2011

short...sweet...SUPER EASY craft projects...'s been a long time since I blogged about crafts.
 I seem to have GREAT difficulty focusing on one thing long enough to
actually complete a project...
until today:)

these are soooo easy and fun to do.
first up...
Flip-Flop Fun!
(we do LOVE our flip flops down here:)
this would be perfect and easy to do with kids, summer camps...anyone!
Here is the pic and click here...HUDDLE MO for the tutorial.
i made some today.
cute...but not quite as cute as hers. can see the potential:)

next...grab any old canning jars, vases, bottles...
get out your glue gun and write words on them...if you like.
after drying, go out and coat your goodies in spray paint.
I like matte paint for this project personally.
See...there could be a MILLION uses for these jars...
and they look great in white, pink, aqua...
and can you imagine how cute in orange or black for Halloween, 
red/green for Christmas...
yep...pretty COOL!

along the same lines...
take a canvas...any size...and glue wooden letters...
any size or the canvas.
you guessed it...then you spray paint it all one color.
stuff like this is all over the place these days.
I am absolutely going to make my version of this!

a vintage doily table runner.
is this amazing or WHAT?????
I don't know exactly what was done but I imagine a bit of sewing together
doilies and VOILA!

so craft ideas:)
by the way, i found my inspiration on PINTEREST!
I am TOTALLY addicted to this site.
if you love pictures, inspiration, photography...anything,
check it out.  yes, like always, there are a few who try to ruin it...
but it is BY FAR the cleanest, nicest photo site I've found.
you create "boards" and then "Pin" your favorite photos...from their site or anywhere on the internet.
it is beyond awesome, so check it out.
if you click will take you to MY Pinterest site.
say I can find you and follow your boards too!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For My Girls... Marriage 101: Marry Someone like THIS ...

someone like Tim Tebow...
 a young man of FAITH, HONOR, INTEGRITY.
a man of GOD...
who loves his family...
and is a friend to everyone he meets.

that's the kind of guy I want my girls to marry
now the hard part...
finding TWO of him...for my TWO girls:)

do you know who Tim is?
if you live in MUST know him.
first he is a child of God, the son of missionaries, a little brother to 4 siblings.
(heehee...some little brother)
and oh yeah...
Tim Tebow was the heisman trophy winning quarterback for the
Florida Gators,
and is now a quarterback with the Denver Broncos.

He doesn't drink, smoke, use bad language, cheat, and as we all know
from the press conference that was supposed to be for 
questions about football but instead he was asked if he was a virgin...
he is NOT going to have pre-marital sex.
and in case you haven't noticed,
he's what you call
yep...we love our Timmy Tebow down here!
as a fellow christian,
as a GATOR,
as a sports hero.

a lot of people come down on him...
say he is TOO GOOD!  
they watch and wait for him to trip up...
and they make things up if he doesn't.
but as Tim himself says, he will...
because none of us is perfect.
but he'll try not to...
and if he does, he knows that he is saved by grace.

i doubt this twisted, screwed up society will let him alone.
no, somebody so good makes others feel bad about themselves...
even though he is not trying to do that.

in our society, kids hero worship Lady GaGa (gross),
Tiger Woods (uggghhh), Michael Vick (grrrrrr)
Arnold Swarzenegger (BOO HISS!)...
basically everything and everyone is quickly forgiven...
unless you're one of the good guys...truly.
click on this link to read a blog post Dr. Phil wrote about Tim Tebow.
he titled it "Yes Virgina, there are still sports heroes". 

Tim has a new book out..."Through My Eyes".
 not to be showy
but because he wanted to tell HIS story...
tell the TRUTH.
how refreshing is that?

okay, back to dating...
we have something around here called the 
my girls always say that I'll never like a guy they bring home and I say that is NOT true.
bring home a guy like Tim Tebow and I'll be one happy mama:)
so when they like a boy, we talk about what his qualities are...
and if they measure up or not. 

yep, Tim Tebow is the real thing...
so how about we give him a break...
give him the benefit of the doubt.
let's hear what he says when a quote is taken out of context...
and let's hear what he says about an innocent photo...
that has been painted to put him in a bad light.

 if you want a good book...for you, your kids, 
or Father's Day...
pick up "Through my Eyes."
you won't be sorry...
and you might even have a new sports HERO...
one who deserves the title...
one you WANT your kids to look up to...
one who actually walks the walk!

and by the way...
I'll also accept a guy like this:)


Friday, June 3, 2011

Groovy Yummy Cool Amazing Summer Treats...

they better be good after all that:)
trust me, they are.
if you can't find an idea here that doesn't make you do a handstand...
or at least WANT to,
then i've totally failed today.
and I DID NOT fail, okay?
so here goes...
 (recipes below)  

1.  Rainbow Coated Oreos

2.  Pumpkin Pie Popsicles
3.  Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs
4.  Strawberry Sundae in a Cup
5.  Veggies and Dip in a Cup
6.  Watermelon Sticks and Dip
7.  Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles
8. Painters Palette Cupcakes

9.  Rainbow fruit Kabobs
10.  M & M Ice Cream Sandwiches

so, how'd I do?
pretty GROOVY... and YUMMY... and COOL... and totally AMAZING...
just like I said:)

some of it is self-explanatory but here's what I know:
1.  Rainbow Oreos: dip in melted colored chocolate.
2.  Pumpkin Pie Bars:  visit HERE for instructions
3.  Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs: alternate JUICY strawberries
with cubes of angel food cake. 
4.  Strawberry Sundae in a Cookie Cup: .  Use the roll of 
sugar cookie dough.  bake in mini muffin pans and indent cookie
while warm to form a cookie cup. scoop ice cream and
strawberries inside the sugar cookie cup.
5.  Veggies and Dip...dip of your choice.
6. Watermelon Sticks and Dip...your choice again.  
I like the marshmallow fruit dip and kids LOVE things cut into 
sticks so this one is a sure thing:)
7.  Strawberry Shortcake Popsicles:  go HERE for instructions
8.  Painters Cupcakes:  self explanatory.  palettes can be found at Michael's.
9.  Rainbow fruit Kabobs:...yummy AND pretty!
10.  Cookie Sandwiches:  another sure thing...easy too!
have FUN creating cool treats this summer!

before I forget... day 3 of the photo fun is a picture of my hand.
who wants to see MY hand???
but maybe Jordie and I hand in hand on the beach.
can't beat that...and it IS my hand:)

now on that note, I'm definitely outta here:)

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