Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Dreamy, Creamy Good Life...

today I am joining in on White Wednesday at Faded Charm
and Good Life Wednesday at A Beach Cottage,
which explains the title of this blog post:)

basically, I have a few pics of things that are some of my favorite
things for decorating
 (and they just HAPPEN to be cream and white!)
because they are favorites, they are part of the "good life" for me.

 Subway Art~I LOVE subway art.  but the next piece I get I would like
to be white-washed based, like this one.
Stenciled Pillows~LOVE these too!  especially with french words, numbers, quotes

 Painted Vintage Luggage~I have 3 pieces painted and one to go...
and I look for them everywhere.
sigh...the good life:)
Mirrored Armoires and Mother of Pearl-ish handled silverware:)
two things I have always wanted...someday.

Twinkle Lights!!!!! 
everything looks better with a string of twinkle lights.
I have them in both girls bedrooms, the family room, in a large glass
cylinder of flowers, strung around the pool area and on the front porch.  
we LOVE twinkle these!
 now come on... would you EVER leave this bed?
i wouldn't:)
and how about this little trick... stringing them with a garland of doily hearts...

and since it's SOOOOOOO hot down here,
a white Christmas is sounding pretty good.
just looking at this photo cools me off...
now THAT would be a good life for me right now:)
and speaking of the Holidays,
it feels good to KNOW I am going with a white theme again this year...
so I think I'll just have to make this sweet little wreath,
made from a foam base with pearls glued on it.
one more thing...
CROWNS make every day a royal one:)
these are a few of mine...

so remember...



  1. Hi Suzanne~
    Such pretty pics!! I love them all especially the suitcases!! And that bed.... a perfect place to spend the day :))
    Have a wonderful white Wednesday!

  2. Suzanne,
    What a beautiful place that bed area is! Very romantic! The rest of the photos are so inspiring.
    Visiting you from White Wednesday.

  3. This post just makes me happy! Sweet photos and so serene and lovely. hugs, Linda

  4. I love the white twinkle lights... they make everything magical!

  5. Love the bed, love the twinkle lights, LOVE, LOVE the luggage!

    Hope you are all doing well.

    God bless!


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