Monday, February 21, 2011

A Gift For You...

" The Lord has abundantly blessed me all of my life.
I'm not trying to pay Him back for all of His wonderful gifts;
I just realize that he gave them to me to give away."
                          Lisa Welchel
this came from my daughter's devotion book.
it's FULL of good things like this.
she wrote this down and brought it to me one morning.
every day there is a practical lesson, 
verses to live by
and many words of encouragement.
something they need...
and us Moms do too.

simple words of common sense...
simple words to live by.
like "the golden rule starts at home but it should never end there."
Hmmm...simple...true...should've thought of that myself.
maybe it's just me...
I've often said I need to keep things simple:)
but when a 13 year old comes out and says 
"I really liked my devotion this morning. it just made sense."
then I know we're on to something:)

So that's my gift to you today...
a reminder that we ALL have gifts to share...
Happy Monday!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trading Teacups AND Valentine's Day...

don't you just LOVE this day?
it's such a SWEET Holiday!
 lots of HUGS
 PINK heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and
PINK mashed potatoes with dinner,
and those Valentine notes...
 whether I'm 5 or 75,
I think I'll always LOVE Valentine's Day.

only  a few things could make my day better...
and they came in the mail from
yes, Lorene was my special partner in the teacup trade 
hosted by Sharon, another sweet lady who lives at
(now you know how clever she is by the name:)

anyway, my teacup package came a week ago at least...
 because Lorene followed directions.
I didn't read them clearly so I ordered her a teacup from the UK...
meaning she won't get her package until today...
Valentine's Day.
but I hope it will make her as happy as hers made me!

I opened this BIG box to find the sweetest, shabby chic teacup...
 I couldn't have picked it out any better myself:)
then, she had so many other goodies for me...
like this BEAUTIFUL vintage apron...
 these adorable little stickers,
 the PRETTIEST handmade card...
 talented lady here, you know!
there was also everything I could possibly need for Valentine cupcakes...
cute heart pics and cupcake liners (my girls LOVE these:)
 and a lovely silver heart ornament
that already has a place of honor in my home!

Lorene, you spoiled me...
 and I LOVED IT!!!
thank you so much!!!
if you haven't visited Lorene before, 
today would be a good day to start!
and the only way you get to see what I sent HER is to start paying her visits so...:)
and then there is Sharon from 
Faith, Hope and Cherrytea to get to know, also.
don't be shy...they are LOVELY ladies!

I'm not done!
I received another package from one of the most loyal blog friends you will
EVER have...
Linda at A LA CARTE.
she is so sweet and always pays me visits, encourages me
she had a drawing for 2 books from her favorite author,
one I had been wanting to try anyway.
so I entered...
and didn't win.
but miraculously, this kind lady had TWO sets and sent me the second place
prize.  Hmmmmm...what a fabulous coincidence she had two:)
and how lucky was I to win!
 Linda, you made my day when you told me this,
then when I received your package and started one of the books that very night,
you made my night.
you make me happy EVERY time I see your comments. 
you HAVE to get to know Linda too!
but be warned...
if you go today, you will wish you were sitting at HER Valentine's table instead of your own:)
she just has a gift for prettiness!

so my friends,
I hope you GET and GIVE a little LOVE today!
if you don't have a special valentine,
remember this...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SEA GLASS Makes Me HAPPY so...

so my new accent color for this coming Spring/Summer is
none other than the beautiful shades of
faded greens and blues.
now remember...this is just an accent color so I will have a few hints of it here and there...
 but my overall color scheme will still be creamy white, tone on tone:)

I've mentioned how much we LOVE sea glass...
the way we feel when we find a lonely place down here in south Florida...
so it's sure to be a GOOD day.
 In fact, I recently thought of naming my blog something related to sea glass.
(you know how easily bored I am...even with blog names:)
I haven't done it yet...but don't be surprised if I do!
and as my girls were growing up. we LOVED anything relating to mermaids.
just kind of fun for little girls.
and big ones too:)
some refer to sea glass as
Mermaids Tears.
 some call it beach glass.
whatever it's called it is LOVELY...
soft, pretty.
 the colors are soothing, calming...
just what I need.
so I'm on the hunt for a few pretty additions to my home.

Check out these photos to see what others have done to add a pop of color in the same hue...

I love the fact that when I googled "sea glass", THIS photo came up...
this was taken last summer in Kennebunkport, Maine...
my HAPPY place.
I posted it on my blog and the title was
"Sea glass, Whoopie Pies and God".
In looking at my tracking statistics,
this post was the MOST read of all on my blog by a long way.
that made me VERY happy:)

If all else fails, maybe I can just paint my house like this...

leaving you with this thought...

and I hope your day is filled with many happy moments or as we call them

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White on White on White...

I was SO excited to get my new copy of Ballard Designs catalog.
the theme for this catalog...decorating with all shades white.
cream, ivory, white, vanilla...
(french for "white" know:)
I am IN LOVE with the color I painted my walls.
not strictly white but latte white.
COCONUT latte white!
It's so warm with my cherry wood floors and all white furniture.
makes me HAPPY!
so...since I don't want to be happy by myself,
I have a few pics and a book to share with you.
and I know what some say...
white is boring,
 according to this book...
"White is the color for all seasons, and it never goes out of style. Rest your tired soul in a cool summer beach room, revel in the sumptuousness of an orange-white living room steeped in autumn elegance, or welcome winter with a classic gold-and-white table setting. White furnishings and home accessories have many contrasts and hues, but their net effect is always one of elegance"
(by the way...a good "white" book!
see for yourself...but to me, creams and whites together ARE interesting in a subtle way.
very serene (I need serenity)
comfy and cozy.

white on white...
good for any time of year,
any Holiday,
any reason
any room.

tomorrow I'll show you what accent color I am adding to my creamy whites for spring/summer.
I know what you're
I love it...and will have a few touches...
but not pink.

and let me leave you today with one of my favorite white on white accessories...
my sweet boy, MAUI.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


so if you've read my blog at any time in the past,
you must know that

it's true...
there are many days when they are my BEST friends.
make what you want of that one but they are just pure affection, loyalty, and FUN!

so you know I was terrified when, while teaching my daughter about 
checking pupil dilation,
I shined the light on my Freddy-Bear and saw that one eye was dilated and did not
constrict when the light hit it.
I knew that was NOT right.
all night long, I could only find BAD news online regarding this. 
mostly a brain tumor.
oh brother...I've heard those words myself, last summer.
now my sweet little greatest fan in the world?

so we went to the vet the next day.
she knew what I was thinking and brought out her vet-medical book
to show me there was another option.  
after looking at his eye with her instruments, I could also see what she
was referring to. 
he has a little tear (hole) that prevents his eye from 
constricting in sunlight.
  NOT a tumor.
BUT...have you ever had an eye exam and had your eyes dilated?
if you go out in the sun without sunglasses, your eyes just burn until the pupils
can constrict again.
so...what to do?
well, the vet said to walk him in the morning/evening hours mainly
(my little fluff ball doesn't like long walks anyway.)
and if we DO go out in the bright sun,
he needs sunglasses.

you've heard of goggles, right?
well, these are called DOGGLES...
and they are Freddy's new shades.
 oh yeah...he is one cool dude!

the first time he wore them, he would walk 2 steps, stop and try to get them off...
walk a few more, stop...
yesterday he wore them for 15 minutes straight so we're getting there.

his favorite way to wear his new shades...
on top of his head, of course.
now you know why this post was titled "awwwww":)

if you can stand it, here's one more pic of my guys.
every time I go into my bathroom to shower and get ready to go out...
they wait by my door.
sometimes I take longer than they would like but still they stay put,
sneaking in a little nap but staying close... 
just in case they get to come too.
talk about living in hope...
talk about giving me a GUILT trip!!!
GEEZ guys, I can't take you everywhere!
but trust me, I would if I could:)
lastly, Freddy does not have a new wig...
but he does have Maui's tail on his head:)
(sorry...just thought it was time for a "puppy post":)
yes, sometimes they are a pain.
a BIG pain!
but they are always cute...
always a part of the family...
 and they love me even when I'm in a grumpy mood..
and write grumpy blog posts, like yesterday:)

have a good one...

Monday, February 7, 2011


...from an over-tired, busy, stressed mom.
okay, if I were honest I would say "rants" from a tired mom but I don't do rants on my blog.
except today.

today is different.
they say it's good to get things off your chest once in awhile.  
but I try to keep my blog, such as it is, simple, HAPPY, and nice!
now you get a glimpse of the dark side.

just so you know, I might start with rants...
but I promise to wrap it up...eventually, on a good note.

first up...
 SUPER BOWL thoughts (rants:)
I spent the weekend driving around the state of Florida to summer ballet auditions...gladly.
then raced home for a super bowl I had absolutely no interest in.
Steelers...not a way, no how, NO WAY! 
(I said that already, right?:) never have, never will. 
I just remember THESE days all too well...
(Please Tim Tebow, don't ever go there and make me cheer for them.  haha 
anyways, you're too NICE for that scene!) hard feelings, just nobody on the team I'm crazy about...
but I still pulled for you:)
although, the bit about finally bringing the trophy home to Green Bay... hasn't been 5o years or anything.
just saying...

okay, so I agreed to hurry home yesterday  for a "super bowl party".
can somebody please tell me when this became a Holiday?
because it's beyond crazy.
do we really need an excuse to get together with friends?
do we need one so badly that we choose to watch an over-HYPED football game?
(and this one was no exception.  I think it was more a game of who didn't lose than who won.  talk about sloppy....and YES, I DO know football.  very well, thank you.  
this is from the best girl football player in our neighborhood and my 6th grade class...quarterback, punter and kick return specialist...whose career goals were to be the first female player in the NFL and if that failed, the first female commentator in the booth with Frank, Al, and Howard for Monday Night Football.
so I can watch the game like any guy...if I wanted too.

and on the subject of OVER-HYPED...
how bout them commercials?
so hysterically funny...NOT
so cute...NOT
so clever...NOT
this girl, who left Michigan happily without a backward glance (except to look at family:)
who grew up in a GM family...BUICK specifically,
actually thought the Eminem commercial for Chrysler was pretty cool.
it caught my attention and made me watch till the end...
more than most can say:)
but other than that...

and lastly, do we REALLY need one more excuse to make the MOST fattening dips we can find,
along with sliders and wings...
and gain 10 pounds for a football game that if the majority were honest,
didn't care about?
I get tailgating.
for your fav teams during the season and playoffs.
but that's where it ends for this girl.
don't get me used to be fun.
in my humble opinion, I just think it's become a COMMERCIALIZED celebrity event/fashion event/pig-out event...
and the football is an afterthought.
IF my favorite football team OR player (Tim Tebow;) 
 were ever in it...
I would watch...GLADLY...but I would want to see the GAME and not what was happening at Diddy's party or whatever.
when it comes to football...I'm boring like that:)

so if I ever move into your neighborhood, I will happily send my husband to your super bowl party, but for me...if I'm going to watch TV for HOURS and eat good/bad food,
I'll watch Steel Magnolias, 

...Beaches or some other "chick flick"
and eat something like Chocolate Lava Cake or a plate full of wicked whoopie pies.
 ...unless it's the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Baltimore Colts (as long as Peyton Manning is there) and the Denver Broncos...because every good Florida Gator fan now cheers for the Broncos:)

now if you're still with me,  let's move on.
what's with the Valentine's Day bashing?
I keep hearing it's a "Hallmark" know, created and hyped by Hallmark.
okay...where did you bashers grow up?
because Valentine's Day DOES have a long history, well before Hallmark got it's hands on it.
remember handing out valentines?
I actually remember handing these out one year.
  okay, so the jewelry stores hype some tacky necklace of love and florists jack up prices.
then don't go there.
my husband knows...if he buys flowers, to stop at Publix and get a $9.99 bouquet.
it makes me happier than to think he spent $75 from a florist.
I could do something with that extra money:)
and talk about hype...nothing beats Halloween with all it's creepy, bloody decorations everywhere.
at least we don't have a ton of lawn blow up hearts for Valentine's Day...
and what's wrong with pink, red, flowers, hearts and
 now, I do think Sweetest day is unnecessary but Valentine's Day?
noooo...a created Holiday is the unofficial one called the Super Bowl.
(Oscar too, which is coming up, but I'll spare you my thoughts on that one:) 

so bashers...please let us have our sweet little Holiday.
I'm sorry if you don't have a Valentine.
don't give up.
and please don't take away my candy hearts:)

let's see...
i gave up coffee during the week...
mainly because i know I use WAY too much cream in my coffee.
then I bought a low fat one and after struggling through it, realized it was only 10 calories less.
so I'm back to having coffee...MY way...with Coconut own personal Coconut Cream Latte. sooooo good!
kind of like coconut cream pie in a cup:)
everyone who loves french vanilla cream or whatever, who tries this, LOVES it.
maybe i have to exercise a bit more...but I'd give up ice cream for my coconut cream.
now mine is kicking I'm getting happy.
good thing, huh?:)

i know this was a post that i didn't need to write,
but I felt like it when i woke up to watch the news and...
this WAS the news.

so, how to wrap this up...
after all that...
because I kinda feel bad already for ranting and sounding so grumpy.

I know...animals!
Who doesn't love cute animals?
like this...

 or these, which I want when I have my barn someday:)

 what's not to love, right?
Have a FABULOUS week my friends!
I'm outta here...

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