Monday, February 21, 2011

A Gift For You...

" The Lord has abundantly blessed me all of my life.
I'm not trying to pay Him back for all of His wonderful gifts;
I just realize that he gave them to me to give away."
                          Lisa Welchel
this came from my daughter's devotion book.
it's FULL of good things like this.
she wrote this down and brought it to me one morning.
every day there is a practical lesson, 
verses to live by
and many words of encouragement.
something they need...
and us Moms do too.

simple words of common sense...
simple words to live by.
like "the golden rule starts at home but it should never end there."
Hmmm...simple...true...should've thought of that myself.
maybe it's just me...
I've often said I need to keep things simple:)
but when a 13 year old comes out and says 
"I really liked my devotion this morning. it just made sense."
then I know we're on to something:)

So that's my gift to you today...
a reminder that we ALL have gifts to share...
Happy Monday!


  1. Lovely words and yes they do make sense. Sounds like a wonderful devotional. hugs, Linda

  2. Beautiful words and thank you for the gift... Better an any give aways that I know of...


  3. Lovely! Sounds like a wonderful devotional,Suzanne! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely day.


  4. What a beautiful thought for the day, Suzanne--thanks for sharing it with us!

    Hope your day is just lovely...


  5. Thank-you for the precious gift. Keeping it simple and beautiful!
    I hope you and your family are doing well. Soak up some vitamin D for me!

  6. Beautiful...and what a gift you have in Jordie!

    God bless you my friend, you are in my prayers always.

  7. Hi Sweetness. I've not visited you in ages. You truly have raised wonderful young ladies. And your bloggy is as usual Beeutiful!


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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