Wednesday, February 9, 2011

White on White on White...

I was SO excited to get my new copy of Ballard Designs catalog.
the theme for this catalog...decorating with all shades white.
cream, ivory, white, vanilla...
(french for "white" know:)
I am IN LOVE with the color I painted my walls.
not strictly white but latte white.
COCONUT latte white!
It's so warm with my cherry wood floors and all white furniture.
makes me HAPPY!
so...since I don't want to be happy by myself,
I have a few pics and a book to share with you.
and I know what some say...
white is boring,
 according to this book...
"White is the color for all seasons, and it never goes out of style. Rest your tired soul in a cool summer beach room, revel in the sumptuousness of an orange-white living room steeped in autumn elegance, or welcome winter with a classic gold-and-white table setting. White furnishings and home accessories have many contrasts and hues, but their net effect is always one of elegance"
(by the way...a good "white" book!
see for yourself...but to me, creams and whites together ARE interesting in a subtle way.
very serene (I need serenity)
comfy and cozy.

white on white...
good for any time of year,
any Holiday,
any reason
any room.

tomorrow I'll show you what accent color I am adding to my creamy whites for spring/summer.
I know what you're
I love it...and will have a few touches...
but not pink.

and let me leave you today with one of my favorite white on white accessories...
my sweet boy, MAUI.


  1. I love your post today!!! Every photo is just gorgeous:)I am on my way to Amazon to check out that book right now;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. you know i love it!!!
    & maui, how precious!!!

  3. Oh I adore these pictures, my favorite is the one showing the wood floors, table with books and candles on the corbels on the wall. I just got a great idea for my sunroom!
    Have a fantastic day.

  4. Beautiful and I love white on white. It will never happen here...Mr ALC does not do white nor shabby chic.

  5. Your pics are pretty, but I love your dog photo! Oh my he is the cutest!

  6. Beautiful pics and how adorable is your dog napping on the couch! What a life!!!

  7. Love Love Love... White what other color is there???? I'm so happy that you came over and commented I am now one of your followers, You speak my lingo everything about your blog is what inspires me.. I look forward to visiting with you.


  8. Fabulous white photos - I love that book, too! Happy WW!
    - Susan

  9. What a wonderful post!!! I'm convinced!!!! Beautiful photos!


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