Saturday, February 12, 2011

SEA GLASS Makes Me HAPPY so...

so my new accent color for this coming Spring/Summer is
none other than the beautiful shades of
faded greens and blues.
now remember...this is just an accent color so I will have a few hints of it here and there...
 but my overall color scheme will still be creamy white, tone on tone:)

I've mentioned how much we LOVE sea glass...
the way we feel when we find a lonely place down here in south Florida...
so it's sure to be a GOOD day.
 In fact, I recently thought of naming my blog something related to sea glass.
(you know how easily bored I am...even with blog names:)
I haven't done it yet...but don't be surprised if I do!
and as my girls were growing up. we LOVED anything relating to mermaids.
just kind of fun for little girls.
and big ones too:)
some refer to sea glass as
Mermaids Tears.
 some call it beach glass.
whatever it's called it is LOVELY...
soft, pretty.
 the colors are soothing, calming...
just what I need.
so I'm on the hunt for a few pretty additions to my home.

Check out these photos to see what others have done to add a pop of color in the same hue...

I love the fact that when I googled "sea glass", THIS photo came up...
this was taken last summer in Kennebunkport, Maine...
my HAPPY place.
I posted it on my blog and the title was
"Sea glass, Whoopie Pies and God".
In looking at my tracking statistics,
this post was the MOST read of all on my blog by a long way.
that made me VERY happy:)

If all else fails, maybe I can just paint my house like this...

leaving you with this thought...

and I hope your day is filled with many happy moments or as we call them


  1. Love your colorful post today. Sea glass is so beautiful. Cute picture of your girls.

  2. Such beautiful photos. I love sea glass and those colors. They are so soothing and relaxing to me. I would love a room in white with touches of these colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I live in Florida and am never lucky enough to find sea glass on my trips to the beach! :(
    My mom just got some beautiful jewelry made out of sea glass for her b'day...what a great gift!

  4. Just beautiful! I absolutely LOVE all of those colors!

  5. i'm so a watercolours luver!
    thx for sharing these today ~
    and may the peace of Christ mount a guard around your heart & mind as you focus on Him...
    grace & peace,

  6. It sure is a hoot when you google something and a picture from your own blog comes up. Makes you feel almost famous!
    I love these colors, the colors of the sea.

  7. Love all the pictures... Wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day from one Shabby chick to another..


  8. Love your blog! New follower~hope you will return the visit!


So, what do ya think? Do tell...I'd love to hear it:) Be Happy...

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