Monday, February 14, 2011

Trading Teacups AND Valentine's Day...

don't you just LOVE this day?
it's such a SWEET Holiday!
 lots of HUGS
 PINK heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and
PINK mashed potatoes with dinner,
and those Valentine notes...
 whether I'm 5 or 75,
I think I'll always LOVE Valentine's Day.

only  a few things could make my day better...
and they came in the mail from
yes, Lorene was my special partner in the teacup trade 
hosted by Sharon, another sweet lady who lives at
(now you know how clever she is by the name:)

anyway, my teacup package came a week ago at least...
 because Lorene followed directions.
I didn't read them clearly so I ordered her a teacup from the UK...
meaning she won't get her package until today...
Valentine's Day.
but I hope it will make her as happy as hers made me!

I opened this BIG box to find the sweetest, shabby chic teacup...
 I couldn't have picked it out any better myself:)
then, she had so many other goodies for me...
like this BEAUTIFUL vintage apron...
 these adorable little stickers,
 the PRETTIEST handmade card...
 talented lady here, you know!
there was also everything I could possibly need for Valentine cupcakes...
cute heart pics and cupcake liners (my girls LOVE these:)
 and a lovely silver heart ornament
that already has a place of honor in my home!

Lorene, you spoiled me...
 and I LOVED IT!!!
thank you so much!!!
if you haven't visited Lorene before, 
today would be a good day to start!
and the only way you get to see what I sent HER is to start paying her visits so...:)
and then there is Sharon from 
Faith, Hope and Cherrytea to get to know, also.
don't be shy...they are LOVELY ladies!

I'm not done!
I received another package from one of the most loyal blog friends you will
EVER have...
Linda at A LA CARTE.
she is so sweet and always pays me visits, encourages me
she had a drawing for 2 books from her favorite author,
one I had been wanting to try anyway.
so I entered...
and didn't win.
but miraculously, this kind lady had TWO sets and sent me the second place
prize.  Hmmmmm...what a fabulous coincidence she had two:)
and how lucky was I to win!
 Linda, you made my day when you told me this,
then when I received your package and started one of the books that very night,
you made my night.
you make me happy EVERY time I see your comments. 
you HAVE to get to know Linda too!
but be warned...
if you go today, you will wish you were sitting at HER Valentine's table instead of your own:)
she just has a gift for prettiness!

so my friends,
I hope you GET and GIVE a little LOVE today!
if you don't have a special valentine,
remember this...


  1. Suzanne you are the sweetest! I hope you are having the best Valentine's Day! I was enjoying your teacup and great swap gifts and then you mentioned me! Your sweet words made my day! I know you will enjoy those books! Oh and I still haven't decided which place setting I'll use for tonights dinner!! hugs, Linda

  2. Suzanne, Happy Valentine's Day to you as well


  3. Sending valentine hugs your way today too. Those babies are so adorable!!! Your swap gift is very special.


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