Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a lil' pink and shabby. . . . .

hello chickies!
it's been awhile since i had a pink post here on shabbychicks.
and since i believe you can't have pink
 without having shabby,
let's get our shabby pink on!
oh wait. . . . .
first i need to remind you about the
Origami Owl Giveaway ending tomorrow.

 seriously. . . .i don't like to call people crazy,
but you are if you miss out on this:)

NOW it's time for some 
shabby and pink stuff that caught my eye recently. . . . goodness. GRACIOUS!
look at this gorgeous pink ruffle duvet and drapes. . . .
with bows, at that!
i wish i knew where exactly they can be found,
but i think it is on etsy.

i just love the vintage jewels on this frame. . . .

 this next photo is a dream for any pink lover out there.
so pretty, shabby and sweet.
someone really special and girly must live here, right?
guess who's house this is????
i'll give you a few clues. . . .
~she can be kinda loud.
~she was on Cheers
~she danced with Max on Dancing with the Stars
~well, she did her best to try and dance:)

figure it out yet?

this house belongs to
Kirstie Alley!

i am NOT kidding!
this is her vacation home in Maine.

don't you love it?
i don't know why this just tickles me.
probably because it's so delicate looking.
i don't know.
but Kirstie?
of Kirstie and Max?
it just makes my day:)

moving on. . . . .
i'm sure there's a bit of photo editing going on here,
but no matter.
the effect is stunning!
looks like a cotton candy tree:)

i leave you with this. . . . .

be blessed,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sno Cone Cupcakes and Teddy Bear Treats. . . .

just when you think you've seen it all,
some brilliant person (Bakerella?) discovers 
sno-cone cupcakes.
aren't they the cutest idea for cake since. . . . .
cake pops?

here's the good news. . . . .
they're super easy to create yourself.
first, buy some short paper cups or
paper sno-cone cups from a party store,  like party city..
you're gonna need those on hand or you have a regular cupcake:)

next, make vanilla cupcakes. . . . 
color them if you want the cupcake to be colored like the frosting.
try to make them so they have at least a bit of a rounded top.
when cooled, remove from wrapper and place
in the short ice cream cup
 or sno-cone cup.
finally, frost and add sugar sprinkles.
pop a pretty little straw or mini spoon in the cupcake and
enjoy your sno-cone cupcakes:)

here's another cute treat. . . . 
help me now, this is adorable!

Teddy Bear's in a Bubble Bath!
awwwwww. . . .
the recipe uses cake mix but it seems
to me it would be just as easy with a brownie mix.

1 (18 1/4 ounce) box chocolate cake mix
1/2 cup butter, melted
1 egg
24 Rolo chocolates, unwrapped (optional)
2 cups miniature marshmallows
48 Teddy Grahams honey graham snacks (any flavor) or 48 Teddy Grahams chocolate graham snacks (any flavor) or 48 Teddy Grahams cinnamon graham snacks (any flavor)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix cake mix, melted butter and egg together. This should be like a soft dough. Take a spoonful of batter and roll into a small ball. Push dough ball into a mini-muffin tin. Take a Rolo and push into the center of the batter. Fill up the muffin tin and bake for 10 minutes. Take the muffin tin out and add 3-4 mini-marshmellows on top of each treat. Push in 2 Teddy Graham bear cookies into each treat. Bake for 2 more minutes to melt the marshmellows a bit. Cool and enjoy!NOTE: Please use muffin tin liners and spray with cooking spray -- these treats get sticky!
it's hard to beat yummy and cute!
don't forget about the giveaway for an Origami Owl Locket!
all you have to do, if you want to do the least possible,
is go to and see what you like most,
then come back to leave a comment on my blog 
that's it!
come on. . . .you know you want this!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Maybe This World Needs Prayer, a Group Hug, and a Milk and Cookies Party!

and you think i'm kidding, right?
really, after this week. . .
year. . .
decade. . .
there's a whole lot of sense to this.
to me anyways:)

prayer is a given.
number one on the list.
because nothings really gonna change without it.
prayer and love. . . . .and Faith in God.
and a moral wake up call.
and some good ol' simple, Christian values.
but at least, let's start with prayer.

a group hug. . . .
you know what i mean by this, right?
there's so much hate floating around out there,
and while we can't "hug" everyone,
we can care.
and love.
and pray for them.
which is kind of like a group hug:)

and when all else fails,
we can throw an awesome party for those we care about.
a comforting, reassuring, 
remind you of innocent days kind of party.
like maybe a 
milk and cookies party!
i told you i wasn't kidding:)

actually, Robert Fulghum said it best in his book

All I Really Need to Know
 I Learned in Kindergarten
(one of my favorite books EVER)

“Think what a better world it would be if we all. . . .the whole world. . . .had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap. Or if all governments had as a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess.
And it is still true, no matter how old you are. . . .when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together.” Robert Fulghum

some of the pictures i'm gonna show you are
from a child's birthday,
which, in my opinion, is genius!
i mean, what else does a 1 or 2 year old even need for their party?
it's brilliant and adorable...what more is there?

other pictures are from weddings.
oh yes, some people know how to do it.
a rustic wedding, with great decorations and themed dessert tables,
like a milk and cookies table, a cupcake and ice cream cone table. . . .
and instead of confetti or rice, they throw sprinkles.
(are you listening girls?  because i know one of you
will let me plan a wedding reception like this someday:)

anyway, i hope you like these ideas.
and what am i trying to say here. . . .
oh heck, how could you not like them:)

alrighty then, let's get started!

i mean, these babies in their rustic chic setting should convince you,
but if not. . . .
this bride and groom have milk and cookies for the ride home.

and some awesome party favors. . . . .


am i convincing you yet that this is a great idea?

 no one says you can't have other stuff at your party,
personally i think whoopie pies would be a fabulous idea too:)


and because i'm kinda nice,
most of the time(;)
i'll share a few recipes with you.
one is mine, and it is a repost from a few years back,
but it's been pinned a lot of times so i'll make it simple and share with you.

These are so good, so white and sugary and look pretty wrapped in a
clear cellophane bag and tied with a ribbon.
Oh my gosh, I'm making myself hungry for sugar cookies at 9:30 in the morning!
*note. . . .these are not cut-out sugar cookies to decorate, but more like a classic
sugar cookie you would buy in a bakery.
you know, back in the day:)

Beat Well:
1 C Sugar
1 C Powder Sugar
1 C Butter
1 C Corn Oil (We used Canola Oil)
~~~ Beat the above ingredients, then add in:
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1 tsp Cream of Tarter
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Salt
4 1/2 C Flour
mix thoroughly

Baking Directions:
Drop a heaping tsp on greased or parchment lined cookie sheet.
Flatten with a glass bottom dipped in sugar.
Bake at 350 for 10-12 min. or till edges are golden.
(we add a sprinkle of sugar when they come out too. . . what can i say:)

not in the mood for sugar cookies?
how about some big, soft, ginger cookies!

 go to allrecipes for the yummy recipe:)

 that's it for today.
i hope you have a milk and cookies kind of day:)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

what a week. . . .and not in a good way

i can't get my head around the
 of this week.

first Boston. . . .

and now West Texas.

i'll be back tomorrow with a giveaway announcement,
but for today,
just pray.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Precious than Gold. . . .

i love flowers.
even more, i love receiving flowers. . . .
who wouldn't, right?

i remember when my girls were younger, 
they walked to and from school.
it was so great. . . .i often felt we lived in Mayberry,
it just seemed so cute and old-fashioned.

probably the best part of them being able to walk
to school, was how every day
they would pick flowers for me on the way home.
they came running to the front door, 
dropping their backpacks on the porch,
screaming my name,
holding out a bouquet of beautiful flowers. . . .

red, yellow, white.

i loved those flowers and whether there were 2 or 12 stems,
they went into a vase in a prominent place in the kitchen.
they made me so happy. . . .
and my girls were so proud of their gift.
now, have i mentioned that these "flowers"
were actually weeds? 

we called them wildflowers. . .
but you and i know a dandelion is basically a weed.
maybe a beautiful yellow weed but still. . . .
especially when the fluff has blown away by the time they got home.
there were others. . . .little berry colored ones.
but they were still a treasure to me.

i guess i feel a need to remind young mothers out there,
that the best gifts they will ever receive,
besides an "i love you",
a sloppy kiss or a big hug from their child,
is the broken seashell, shiny rock, or colorful weed they so proudly give.

. . . . . treasure these gifts, for they are 
far more precious than gold.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Ideas. . . . .

we all have them.
some are better than others.
but we have ideas.
some of us act on them,
and many of us let them fade away.
my goal is to follow through on one good idea this year.
at least, good to me:)
maybe even more than one, 
but I better be realistic!

how about you?
any good ideas you wish you had acted on?
Pick one and let's DO THIS together!:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

from shabby to rustic. . . gorgeous bedrooms to drool over!

oh. my. gosh!
don't you love looking at pictures of
 beautiful bedrooms?
makes me want to jump right in the picture and
 plop myself on the bed
with a good book and a mug of cocoa:)
i found a few awesome rooms
and while i should just let the pictures speak for themselves, 
i think i might have to ramble about my
favorite things in the room.
first up. . . .get ready to 

 do you love it?
this one is the room i might most be able to duplicate.
here's what i love about it:
oh my goodness. . .those are too cute:)
i need them!
(for real:)
2.  the white shabby chic furniture.
mine looks similar but is dark wood.
(i see a painting project in my future:)
3.  love the walls (mine are chocolate too)
and the dark hardwood floors
basically, i love it all:)

oh. heck.
check this out. . . .
 this room must be a display in a store,
cause it's a bit jam packed. . . .
but with amazing things!
i love:
1.  the number boxes
2.  the color/decor scheme of rustic chic.
3.  the art work...don't you love it?
4.  the chandeliers
5.  the pillows (especially the burlap ones)
6.  the touches of paris
7.  and everything else:)

makes you want to say. . . .

here's another rustic, chic, romantic beauty of a room!

love the. . . .
 1.  beams (although i'd probably wack my head:)
2.  the canopy
3.  the chest
4.  the white bedding
5.  the stone wall

i always wanted an attic bedroom. . . .
and looking at this, i still do!

1.  love the color scheme (again)
2.  the stenciling on one ceiling
3.  the windows/window treatment and beams

how about a room fit for a princess. . . .

hmmm. . . .what's not to love, right?

this next room isn't a bedroom
but i had to share.
it's small, but cozy.
and goes to show you can have a lovely white room. . .
and make it cozy with shabby chic sofas,
lots of pillows and quilts.
love. it.

okay, can i show you one more thing?
i love, love, LOVE this white bathroom with
pink accents!

i bet i could put my make up on much better in this room:)
how about you?

see any rooms you like?
is there a room makeover in your future?
tell us about it so we can drool about your new room, too:)


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cute Stuff from Storenvy. . . .

do you like to shop online?
i have to confess. . . . .i do from time to time.
Amazon is a favorite stop of mine,
and i love finding unique handmade things on etsy.
and now, there is storenvy.
i don't know quite what the site is all about but
i think it's like etsy, where you open your own little shop,
but the items don't have to be handmade.

anyway, i thought i'd show you a few cool things i saw while 
browsing the shops.

oh gosh, where do i start?
 how about those keyboard protectors. . .

some seriously cute stuf, don't ya think?

storenvy shop info. . . .
Rainbow Color Keybaord Pr... $3.99 
       Heart Bracelet    My Lavender Milk $1.00
Grey Loose Casual T-shirt... Whitelily Fashion $18.00
Vintage Style Buckle Flap... Reiji $19.00
Lovely Pearls & Lace iPho... $5.09
Denim stone washed and to... Socishop $15.99
 Retro Lolita Skater Skirt... Chicnova $28.80
 Handwarmers - Custom  A Stitch in Time $15.00
 Lace Boho Tank Lucky Seven Shop $14.99
Boho Fringe Messenger Pur... Lucky Seven Shop $17.99
Be Awesome Today 8x10 Print  LuciusArt $18.00
Heart Necklace in Gold, S...  P.S. I Love You More... $13.50
Cute Dog,puppy Necklace  Flowerdays $12.00
Delicate Miniature Heart ...  GlamPuss $10.70
 magic mirror necklace.  FemmeZecret $18.00
Lacey Top in White  DoubleLW $19.00
 Cute Simple Whale Animal ...  Dotoly $10.00
 love ring  Rooted $41.00

happy shopping!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a little bit of lace, a little bit of denim. . . .

hey, hey, hey. . . .i'm back!
you didn't know i was gone? 
no worries. . . .
half the time i don't even know what's going on:)
it's a busy time of year, you know?
but i have been thinking, and saving up stuff to share with y'all.
so if i'm more scattered/random than usual,
please understand, okay?

gosh, where to start. . .
i'm the furthest thing possible from a fashion expert.
i just know what i like.
and what i am really liking these days,
(actually, for awhile now)
is lace.
especially lace mixed with denim or other fabrics.

you know that opposites attract, right?
take a look at this picture. . . .

pointe shoes and cowboy boots.
total opposites!
yet because they are so drastically different,
showing them together enables them both to shine.
just like mixing a sweet, innocent, delicate ivory lace dress with boots. . . .
classic opposites.
and awesome, if you ask me!
that's how i feel about denim and lace

i love this look!
and it's so easy to do by adding a bit of lace or a lacy doilie to a 
pair of shorts, a shirt or even a bag!
there are many ways to create these looks,
but the simplest would be to use a washable fabric glue to attach.
and you don't have to stop at lace.
gather jewels or buttons, 
cut off the backs with clippers to enable them to lay flat.
using fabric glue, attach them to your denim,
like this cute shirt. . . .

the jackets are really amazing, too.
it looks as if the collar was cut out and lace applied.  
the lace peeking out of the sleeve and at the bottom of the top left jacket is
super cute!

look at these backpacks. . . .

but maybe the piece i am the most crazy about is the denim and lace cuff. . .

LOVE. it!

lace clothing and/or accessories are all by themselves are another favorite.
see anything here you like?
i love it all, but especially the lace skirt, shorts, sundress, caftan and phone cover.
and everything else, too!:)

i leave you with this. . . .
Jeremiah 29: 11-14. . . .
my very favorite.

be blessed, my friends!

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