Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Precious than Gold. . . .

i love flowers.
even more, i love receiving flowers. . . .
who wouldn't, right?

i remember when my girls were younger, 
they walked to and from school.
it was so great. . . .i often felt we lived in Mayberry,
it just seemed so cute and old-fashioned.

probably the best part of them being able to walk
to school, was how every day
they would pick flowers for me on the way home.
they came running to the front door, 
dropping their backpacks on the porch,
screaming my name,
holding out a bouquet of beautiful flowers. . . .

red, yellow, white.

i loved those flowers and whether there were 2 or 12 stems,
they went into a vase in a prominent place in the kitchen.
they made me so happy. . . .
and my girls were so proud of their gift.
now, have i mentioned that these "flowers"
were actually weeds? 

we called them wildflowers. . .
but you and i know a dandelion is basically a weed.
maybe a beautiful yellow weed but still. . . .
especially when the fluff has blown away by the time they got home.
there were others. . . .little berry colored ones.
but they were still a treasure to me.

i guess i feel a need to remind young mothers out there,
that the best gifts they will ever receive,
besides an "i love you",
a sloppy kiss or a big hug from their child,
is the broken seashell, shiny rock, or colorful weed they so proudly give.

. . . . . treasure these gifts, for they are 
far more precious than gold.


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