Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a lil' pink and shabby. . . . .

hello chickies!
it's been awhile since i had a pink post here on shabbychicks.
and since i believe you can't have pink
 without having shabby,
let's get our shabby pink on!
oh wait. . . . .
first i need to remind you about the
Origami Owl Giveaway ending tomorrow.

 seriously. . . .i don't like to call people crazy,
but you are if you miss out on this:)

NOW it's time for some 
shabby and pink stuff that caught my eye recently. . . . goodness. GRACIOUS!
look at this gorgeous pink ruffle duvet and drapes. . . .
with bows, at that!
i wish i knew where exactly they can be found,
but i think it is on etsy.

i just love the vintage jewels on this frame. . . .

 this next photo is a dream for any pink lover out there.
so pretty, shabby and sweet.
someone really special and girly must live here, right?
guess who's house this is????
i'll give you a few clues. . . .
~she can be kinda loud.
~she was on Cheers
~she danced with Max on Dancing with the Stars
~well, she did her best to try and dance:)

figure it out yet?

this house belongs to
Kirstie Alley!

i am NOT kidding!
this is her vacation home in Maine.

don't you love it?
i don't know why this just tickles me.
probably because it's so delicate looking.
i don't know.
but Kirstie?
of Kirstie and Max?
it just makes my day:)

moving on. . . . .
i'm sure there's a bit of photo editing going on here,
but no matter.
the effect is stunning!
looks like a cotton candy tree:)

i leave you with this. . . . .

be blessed,


  1. i follow your blog and I love it one of my most favorite emails of the day!!

  2. I started folling your facebook page today!!! I really enjoy all your post on pinterest, dont know why it took me until today to follow you on facebook

    1. You are so sweet Shannon! I look forward to "getting to know you" through our common interests:)
      Hugs, Suzanne

  3. I stumbled ( so weird, just as I typed the word stumbled, I heard it on the radio) upon your blog when I googled "white linen pillows". I got a post your wrote several years ago. I love your blog and will be back to visit once I find inspiration for white pillows for my garden bench.


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