Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Favorite Budget Make-Up Finds. . . .

howdy everyone!
i have been SO missing in action around here,
on my OWN blog!

what can i say. . . .
i'm kinda-sorta facing an empty nest next year
and i think i'm in a bit of a panic.  
Can i rewind a few years?
i know. . . .if only!

i mean, i've been gone so long. . . .
 i have so much to write about,
yet i can't seem to focus.
so i'll do a wildly random post,
starting with 

i was looking in my make-up bag the other day and
realized something.
i'm a cheap budget make-up user.
then i got to thinking,
who cares?
i like my make-up!
THEN i thought,
maybe someone else would like to know what i've found
(for the moment:)
ok, maybe nobody cares.
but just in case. . . . .
i told you i'm a real cheapo:)
i used to use a chanel lipgloss,
but they went and discontinued my favorite.
no worries...i found one i LOVE from MARK cosmetics.

okay, here's the breakdown. . . .not in the order i put them on my face,
that would mean i was organized:)
1.  ULTA Extreme Wear Mousse Foundation.
drys to a soft powder finish, great coverage.
2.  Almay Mascara. . .I use two.
first, I use One Coat Black Waterproof. $6.99
then on the tips, I use Intense I-Color in Plum. $7.99
(I learned this trick when I sold makeup. . .Use black on your lashes and then
a color mascara on the tips to bring out your eye color.
since i have hazel eyes with green flecks, 
I use the plum to bring out some green.)
3.  Camouflage Cover by Hard Candy (Walmart)
These are the BEST concealers and come in a cream and a fine pencil.
4.  Rimmel Bronzer in Sundance.
I am the queen of spray tan and bronzer.
I use this on my make-up sponge if i want sheer color,
if i have a bit of a tan and need to darken my foundation,
and i use it with my blush, mixing this with a pink blush.
5.  Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink
6.  Sonia Kashuk Eye Pencil in Purple Passion
Target: $5.99
7.  I use matte eyeshadows in brown shades,
but if on a special occasion i want a bit of shimmer,
my hands-down favorite is also by Milani
in a shade called "Beached".
8.  Earthtone Eyeshadows...I like NYX for a cheap brand,
find it at Ulta.  Also L'oreal eyeshadow too.
9.  Since my girlfriend Taylor became a MARK rep,
i've tried a few things.  One of my absolute favorites is the
Luxe Lipgloss.
It has the perfect shimmer, a great brush and easily competes with
the Chanel lipgloss.
10.  I was using a primer but then I discovered a
pore filler from NYX.
i LOVE this.
it really does minimize pores. it's really light and. . . .
you guessed it.  cheap:)
$12.99 but often on sale.
11.  Again from MARK,
my new favorite moisturizer.
It has antioxidants, including blueberry and dk chocolate.
it has a cool dispenser, great scent, light and easy to use,
and it has a 30spf.
$15.00 range
12.  shampoo. . . .
what can i say?
my husband got me started on this one. . . .
Suave shampoo.
I especially love the Coconut or Tangerine scents.
It justy does what a shampoo and conditioner is supposed to do,
at a very low price:)
can't beat that!

i'm not saying everything i use will be great for all.
but i can recommend it if you're searching for something new.
i change my makeup up quite a bit,
 but over the past few years, it's been fairly consistent,
which says something, right?

well, i was going to write more but
i've rambled enough.
hopefully i've showed you that you can buy most of your
make-up at the drugstore,
and feel good about it!

i hope you've all been doing well,
enjoying your spring and feeling
shine on!

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