Saturday, April 13, 2013

from shabby to rustic. . . gorgeous bedrooms to drool over!

oh. my. gosh!
don't you love looking at pictures of
 beautiful bedrooms?
makes me want to jump right in the picture and
 plop myself on the bed
with a good book and a mug of cocoa:)
i found a few awesome rooms
and while i should just let the pictures speak for themselves, 
i think i might have to ramble about my
favorite things in the room.
first up. . . .get ready to 

 do you love it?
this one is the room i might most be able to duplicate.
here's what i love about it:
oh my goodness. . .those are too cute:)
i need them!
(for real:)
2.  the white shabby chic furniture.
mine looks similar but is dark wood.
(i see a painting project in my future:)
3.  love the walls (mine are chocolate too)
and the dark hardwood floors
basically, i love it all:)

oh. heck.
check this out. . . .
 this room must be a display in a store,
cause it's a bit jam packed. . . .
but with amazing things!
i love:
1.  the number boxes
2.  the color/decor scheme of rustic chic.
3.  the art work...don't you love it?
4.  the chandeliers
5.  the pillows (especially the burlap ones)
6.  the touches of paris
7.  and everything else:)

makes you want to say. . . .

here's another rustic, chic, romantic beauty of a room!

love the. . . .
 1.  beams (although i'd probably wack my head:)
2.  the canopy
3.  the chest
4.  the white bedding
5.  the stone wall

i always wanted an attic bedroom. . . .
and looking at this, i still do!

1.  love the color scheme (again)
2.  the stenciling on one ceiling
3.  the windows/window treatment and beams

how about a room fit for a princess. . . .

hmmm. . . .what's not to love, right?

this next room isn't a bedroom
but i had to share.
it's small, but cozy.
and goes to show you can have a lovely white room. . .
and make it cozy with shabby chic sofas,
lots of pillows and quilts.
love. it.

okay, can i show you one more thing?
i love, love, LOVE this white bathroom with
pink accents!

i bet i could put my make up on much better in this room:)
how about you?

see any rooms you like?
is there a room makeover in your future?
tell us about it so we can drool about your new room, too:)


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  1. Great bedrooms...just found your blog. Love those doggie beds :)

    New follower,

    Margaret from Moving Forward


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