Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a little bit of lace, a little bit of denim. . . .

hey, hey, hey. . . .i'm back!
you didn't know i was gone? 
no worries. . . .
half the time i don't even know what's going on:)
it's a busy time of year, you know?
but i have been thinking, and saving up stuff to share with y'all.
so if i'm more scattered/random than usual,
please understand, okay?

gosh, where to start. . .
i'm the furthest thing possible from a fashion expert.
i just know what i like.
and what i am really liking these days,
(actually, for awhile now)
is lace.
especially lace mixed with denim or other fabrics.

you know that opposites attract, right?
take a look at this picture. . . .

pointe shoes and cowboy boots.
total opposites!
yet because they are so drastically different,
showing them together enables them both to shine.
just like mixing a sweet, innocent, delicate ivory lace dress with boots. . . .
classic opposites.
and awesome, if you ask me!
that's how i feel about denim and lace

i love this look!
and it's so easy to do by adding a bit of lace or a lacy doilie to a 
pair of shorts, a shirt or even a bag!
there are many ways to create these looks,
but the simplest would be to use a washable fabric glue to attach.
and you don't have to stop at lace.
gather jewels or buttons, 
cut off the backs with clippers to enable them to lay flat.
using fabric glue, attach them to your denim,
like this cute shirt. . . .

the jackets are really amazing, too.
it looks as if the collar was cut out and lace applied.  
the lace peeking out of the sleeve and at the bottom of the top left jacket is
super cute!

look at these backpacks. . . .

but maybe the piece i am the most crazy about is the denim and lace cuff. . .

LOVE. it!

lace clothing and/or accessories are all by themselves are another favorite.
see anything here you like?
i love it all, but especially the lace skirt, shorts, sundress, caftan and phone cover.
and everything else, too!:)

i leave you with this. . . .
Jeremiah 29: 11-14. . . .
my very favorite.

be blessed, my friends!

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  1. Hi Suzanne!
    I took a bit of a blog break,so will have to catch up on a lot of your posts! Love the denim and lace!
    Have a great day.


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