Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cool Stuff. . . .Like Vintage Jewelry and Lemon Merengue Pie Dip!

so guess what?
i actually made the vintage jewelry project i'm going to show you!
i didn't just stalk other blogs but made them myself:)
baby steps folks, baby steps!

i love collecting vintage jewelry to re-purpose into
cool jewelry for today.
and not just vintage. . . .there are great pieces of
 vintage-like costume jewelry out there
just begging to be made into something unique.

but this time, i didn't make repurposed jewelry,
but something way simpler. . . . .
(these can be made with cool buttons or scrapbook goodies too:)
all you need is a magnet back and E6000 glue
 and about 15 minutes (plus drying time)
and TADA. . . . .
you have a set of awesome magnets!
well, what do you think?

Okay. . . .next, i could use some help.
i have a bunch of these flower cabachons and could make
so many cool things,
but what do you call the gold filigree backs they are glued on,
and do you know where I can get them?
if you know, please email me or comment.
thank you!!!

now, i just don't seem to have it in me to NOT leave you with something
amazingly yummy
to eat.
(or devour:)
so when i saw this lemon merengue dip from
Ashton at Something Swanky,
i had to share it!

and. . . .if you gain weight, you can blame her, not me.
i'm just the messenger;)
mmm. . . .mmm. . . .mmmmmmm

if i were you,
i'd hightail it over to her and grab the recipe!

bye for now. . . .


  1. Your magnets are so pretty...way to go!! That dip sounds amazing and I want some right now! Have a great week!


    1. Awww...thanks Trisha! I'm craving some of that dip too:) xoxo


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