Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For My Girls... Marriage 101: Marry Someone like THIS ...

someone like Tim Tebow...
 a young man of FAITH, HONOR, INTEGRITY.
a man of GOD...
who loves his family...
and is a friend to everyone he meets.

that's the kind of guy I want my girls to marry
now the hard part...
finding TWO of him...for my TWO girls:)

do you know who Tim is?
if you live in MUST know him.
first he is a child of God, the son of missionaries, a little brother to 4 siblings.
(heehee...some little brother)
and oh yeah...
Tim Tebow was the heisman trophy winning quarterback for the
Florida Gators,
and is now a quarterback with the Denver Broncos.

He doesn't drink, smoke, use bad language, cheat, and as we all know
from the press conference that was supposed to be for 
questions about football but instead he was asked if he was a virgin...
he is NOT going to have pre-marital sex.
and in case you haven't noticed,
he's what you call
yep...we love our Timmy Tebow down here!
as a fellow christian,
as a GATOR,
as a sports hero.

a lot of people come down on him...
say he is TOO GOOD!  
they watch and wait for him to trip up...
and they make things up if he doesn't.
but as Tim himself says, he will...
because none of us is perfect.
but he'll try not to...
and if he does, he knows that he is saved by grace.

i doubt this twisted, screwed up society will let him alone.
no, somebody so good makes others feel bad about themselves...
even though he is not trying to do that.

in our society, kids hero worship Lady GaGa (gross),
Tiger Woods (uggghhh), Michael Vick (grrrrrr)
Arnold Swarzenegger (BOO HISS!)...
basically everything and everyone is quickly forgiven...
unless you're one of the good guys...truly.
click on this link to read a blog post Dr. Phil wrote about Tim Tebow.
he titled it "Yes Virgina, there are still sports heroes". 

Tim has a new book out..."Through My Eyes".
 not to be showy
but because he wanted to tell HIS story...
tell the TRUTH.
how refreshing is that?

okay, back to dating...
we have something around here called the 
my girls always say that I'll never like a guy they bring home and I say that is NOT true.
bring home a guy like Tim Tebow and I'll be one happy mama:)
so when they like a boy, we talk about what his qualities are...
and if they measure up or not. 

yep, Tim Tebow is the real thing...
so how about we give him a break...
give him the benefit of the doubt.
let's hear what he says when a quote is taken out of context...
and let's hear what he says about an innocent photo...
that has been painted to put him in a bad light.

 if you want a good book...for you, your kids, 
or Father's Day...
pick up "Through my Eyes."
you won't be sorry...
and you might even have a new sports HERO...
one who deserves the title...
one you WANT your kids to look up to...
one who actually walks the walk!

and by the way...
I'll also accept a guy like this:)



  1. If I had a daughter, I would order a Tim for her too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Tim is my 5 year old grandson's hero. He got his jersey for Christmas.

  3. My daughter has married a wonderful Christian man. I am so glad. They waited until marriage for sex. As my daughter says, they started out as friends, dated, fell in love and when it was right married. They will be married for 5 years in Dec and have been friends for 10 years. As you know my first grandchild was born in April. Oh and my SIL is lucky to have married a beautiful Christian woman also. God has blessed us!

  4. He is almost too good to be true! But does he have a twin?

  5. I love the "Tim factor" test! I am going to get that book and share it with my 15 year old. We are always discussing her future dates (none so far) and this young, gorgeous, sweetheart seems like an inspiration!


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