Monday, June 13, 2011

short...sweet...SUPER EASY craft projects...'s been a long time since I blogged about crafts.
 I seem to have GREAT difficulty focusing on one thing long enough to
actually complete a project...
until today:)

these are soooo easy and fun to do.
first up...
Flip-Flop Fun!
(we do LOVE our flip flops down here:)
this would be perfect and easy to do with kids, summer camps...anyone!
Here is the pic and click here...HUDDLE MO for the tutorial.
i made some today.
cute...but not quite as cute as hers. can see the potential:)

next...grab any old canning jars, vases, bottles...
get out your glue gun and write words on them...if you like.
after drying, go out and coat your goodies in spray paint.
I like matte paint for this project personally.
See...there could be a MILLION uses for these jars...
and they look great in white, pink, aqua...
and can you imagine how cute in orange or black for Halloween, 
red/green for Christmas...
yep...pretty COOL!

along the same lines...
take a canvas...any size...and glue wooden letters...
any size or the canvas.
you guessed it...then you spray paint it all one color.
stuff like this is all over the place these days.
I am absolutely going to make my version of this!

a vintage doily table runner.
is this amazing or WHAT?????
I don't know exactly what was done but I imagine a bit of sewing together
doilies and VOILA!

so craft ideas:)
by the way, i found my inspiration on PINTEREST!
I am TOTALLY addicted to this site.
if you love pictures, inspiration, photography...anything,
check it out.  yes, like always, there are a few who try to ruin it...
but it is BY FAR the cleanest, nicest photo site I've found.
you create "boards" and then "Pin" your favorite photos...from their site or anywhere on the internet.
it is beyond awesome, so check it out.
if you click will take you to MY Pinterest site.
say I can find you and follow your boards too!



  1. Hi Suzanne! I'm a new follower and just stopped by tonight to check things out! I LOVE these ideas! Oh, and I LOVE your site! I have SO many interests and your blog is one of them that's right up my alley!


  2. That table runner is to die for! I am loving the craft ideas too, they may even be simple enough for me to tackle.

    I hope you are doing well my friend, I miss hearing from you and hope things are good with you!

    God bless!

  3. That table runner is wonderful and Tea dyed, yummo! Thanks for a great share! Hugs Marilou

  4. They turned out great! I need to make me some for the 4th too :)
    Thanks so much for the mention!

  5. Creativity at its best.Those flip flops are looking good.Really artistic.Vass is amazing..



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