Tuesday, March 20, 2012

knitting 101...

no, no, no...
this is not a knitting tutorial, silly!:)
but i AM taking my first knitting class this morning!!!
and i'm really excited.
(note to self...PLEASE don't give up a week later!)

i've always wanted to knit.
actually, we did learn a bit...thanks to my mom and sister.
but it never really clicked with me,
so i decided i need official lessons.
PLUS...i keep thinking i'll have a sweet little knitting group
like the ones in Debbie Macombers Blossom Street books.
(still living in the clouds:)
and they do say knitting is good for you...
with my class coming up, it's made me curious.
what are other people knitting these days?
what do i have to look forward to making when i get the hang of this?
here's what i found...

 people are apparently making "tree warmers".
hmmm...very cool, but i think i'll pass on this one:)

i could knit a cute outfit for my mini cooper....NOT
 OR i could knit a bus cover...

 BUTTER...that's what i'll knit!
way less fattening you know!

no, wait...
i'll knit a TANK cover!!!
what the heck?:)

okay, okay...what would i really like to knit someday?
baby outfits!
but what if it turned out like this...
 (so funny:)

seriously, i like these...
 a little shawl.

 a chunky, soft cable knit quilt.

 sweet, simple baby hats.

i would like to keep my ballerina outfitted with leg warmers.
and yes, they do wear them:)

 and EVERYONE would love these next leg warmers...
ballerina or not.

 a super soft, chunky scarf.
 i could make my own cool bracelets!

 and you better believe my grand babies will have these...
how SWEET!:)

okay...off to class.
have a great day!!!!!


  1. Good Morning Suzanne Sweetie...
    Oh what fun. I wish I lived close by and was going with you. I have had several people try to teach me, but I have been told that I have two left hands, and they have sadly given up on me. I would love to knit. I can't wait to see what you learn. Please keep me posted.

    Oh and whatever you decide to knit, I know the girls are going to love them. Have a glorious time sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. How fun! I have tried knitting many years ago and it was so hard for me. I did a little better with crochet but don't do any of it now. Love the baby hats! hugs, Linda

  3. Good luck! :-)

    I'm dying to learn to knit. I've even bought the supplies, I just haven't quite gotten brave enough to start (mostly because I don't want to fail, if I'm being quite honest).

    PS -- Hearing Honey Bee while I typed this comment made me smile!

  4. Oh boy Good Luck to you!I say that because for some reason I could never get the knitting thing.LOL.I can crochet but not knit.Maybe you will pick up some secret trick I have been missing lol.

    Happy Spring!

  5. Oh how fun you are actually doing it! I am so excited for you....would love a Deb Macomber group too! Those books are so fun! Knitting is fun and so therapeutic too! So many pretty yarns and projects. Love, love the baby hats!



  6. Oh my gosh, you found some crazy knitting pictures and some really cute ones...the babies are adorable. I've thought about learning to knit but then I spoke to myself and said Nahhh. Maybe one day. Have fun!

  7. Whoever said that warmers cannot be used for cars is definitely wrong! Those knit-covered vehicles look cute and snugly! I’m sure that Cooper will not feel cold during the winter season! [Dante Mallet]


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