Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Idea Boards/Dream Boards/Polyvore...

so.....if you haven't seen me on Pinterest lately...
or my blog,
it's because i have a NEW obsessions.
i seriously don't even know how to describe it and am only just
starting to find my way around...
but it is SOOOOO cool!

you may have seen the quickie, accidental post yesterday labeled
"for taylor".
yeah, that wasn't supposed to be posted yet.
oh well!

you see, i made a 
style board for me and the girls, as well as a decor board.
i can't wait to show you!!!
(and the super cool thing is polyvore shows you the cost and the places
to buy things that you like.)

i'll set each one up, starting with mine.
this is a collection of things i like and/or would LIKE
to be able to wear, just for casual, everyday stuff.

for me...

pretty awesome, if i do say so myself:)

next up, the one you saw yesterday...
for taylor.
now this one is for my ballerina,
and the "theme" here is sort of 
all grown up, nights out at the ballet and a casual look for a ballerina girl too.

for taylor

gosh, i just love everything!
you have to know Taylor...ladylike and old fashioned to the core!
pretty in PINK!

i have TWO girls and they couldn't be more opposite.
this one is for Jordan...
my island cowgirl/surfer girl/beach bum.
(tennis too but that's for another board:)
she just loves life, the outdoors, casual beachy style...fun stuff.

for jordan

and the last board i want to show you might be the coolest thing yet.
have you ever wanted to redecorate but couldn't quite get the picture in your head
straight...or in your family's head?
happens to me all the time.
my husband is famous for saying
"i can't quite see it".
well...now he can!
because i made a decor board with the colors i would like to use in my bedroom,
complete with painting the bed off white.
check this out...

Vintage Glam Bedroom...Dreams of Aqua

i swear, this is WAY better than snooping around on Facebook...
or even tweeting.
but not pinning...not yet anyway.
see you around...

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  1. Love the boards! I tried Polyvore about 3 years ago and couldn't quite figure it out. I may try again but that's JUST what I need, another excuse to be on the computer!


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