Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Fashion Week 2012...Pretty as a Princess

so i think (that's how much i pay attention) that the past few weeks have
been Fashion Week in Paris and NYC.
now, my days of poring over fashion mags are pretty much over.
however, sometimes you can't get away from it...
like when you need something new to wear, 
go shopping, and the store has some CRAZY stuff
that according to the store are "the latest trends"...
or "these were ALL OVER the place
at fashion week."
yeah, whatever:)
Lovely...on a 6' 100lb model.
but what are WE to do?

so i've studied the so called TRENDS,
 and now i'll pass on what i've learned...
to you, me...the average amazing woman who is
supposed to somehow wear them:)
and our fashion MUSE for shabby chicks fashion week is none other than...

Princess Kate!
partly because i really like her style, even if i wouldn't wear some of it
(as if i could:)
but also because in looking at the list of trends, i have seen her in many of them.
the third reason, and the thing i think fashion week missed,
is this is the year of the Summer Olympics in
and WHO do you think all eyes will be on?
Mmmm hmmm...
the Duchess herself.
so there should have been a nod to 
British style/Kate/union jack somewhere in there.
but since there wasn't, i'll fix that:)

okay, here is the list of TRENDS for spring 2012,
from as many sources as i could get my hands on, and in no particular order.

1.  Pastels
2.  Neon
3.  Floral prints and Polka Dots too
4.  Lace and Sheer
5.  Tangerine
6.  White on White Monochromatic dressing
7.  Peplums
8.  Black and White
(proving classics are always in:)

now, i'm no fashionista but i used to think i was, if that counts:)
seriously, i do read, and here is what i have concluded is best for us
average amazing women...
take the colorful trends and use them to add a POP to your wardrobe.
some of you can get away with more than a pop so i'll show stuff for you too.
let's cover pastels today.

i hear people say they "hate" pastels.
too girly, they feel like an Easter egg.
well, guess what?
this year,
 is in!
see for yourself...
it doesn't have to be the whole outfit, although it can if you want.
but even an accessory or this belt and pastel color block bag.
(by the way, you'll probably see a bit of color blocking this spring)

 maybe it will be some girly, pastel earrings.

supposedly, the NUMBER ONE pastel this year is MINT!

 and looking at these photos, i can see why.
so fresh and pretty!
even the tiniest bit of pastel in your jewelry would update a look.

lovely in lavender.

maybe your pastel will be a pretty pump.

or how about simply using a pastel nail polish to give your look that pop!

and they say you shouldn't be afraid to mix your colors.
see how she has a neutral sweater, jeans, and then a pastel bag, jacket and scarf?
 this mint coat is just gorgeous!

 maybe your pastels will be in one color family, like 
pretty in PEACH!
for early spring...a pastel sweater,

okay...these are killing me!
i hear so many younger girls say they aren't "into" pastels.
well, check these out!
okay, those are amazing!!!
wish i were 20 years least:)

and finally, did you think Kate's dress was the one and only time she wore pastels?
think again!!!

pink sequined dress, buttery yellow dress, pastel floral dress and the pretty lavender number.
one tip i read was that everyone can wear pastels and look great, it's choosing the right shade.  fair skin looks best in pale pastels, while darker skin tones look best in a slightly deeper/brighter pastel.

there you go...
Trend #1...PASTELS
Trend #2...NEON
and if you think you can't handle that neon, you are so wrong!
take it from me, the original neon 80's girl.
teeny, tiny bits of neon can be fun.
but that's for next time:)


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I am signed up as your newest follower...and will adore your blog from the cold Midwest- Hugs- Diana

  2. Im with the feminine I so love it!Nothing but feminine.Love the soft colors.That bracelet is adorable.

    By the way I personally think the Kate is way to thin.You can be thin but she looks terribly thin.I was reading somewhere recently that she went on a diet before her wedding and just literally starved herself.Having no nourishing food just plain wanted to loose weight.

    Anyhow,have a good week.


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