Friday, March 9, 2012

PRETTY and PASTEL iPhone covers...GIVEAWAY! iPhone cover is cracked and i need a new one.
but i can't choose.
so i need your help.
and for helping ME...
i have a gift for YOU!
JoyHey has the most gorgeous covers i've seen
(and the rest of her fine art is pretty special too!)
if you like PRETTY...
and PASTEL...check these out.
and if you have a moment, please leave me a comment.
who might WIN one of your own!

i love them all and haven't narrowed them down yet,
so in no particular order, here you go.
(these are my own descriptions)
1.  faded mint vintage volkswagon
 2.  antiqued gerbera daisy
 3.  shabby pink roses
 4.  pink daisies
 5.  cute pink moped
 6.  vintage mint rotary phone
 7.  hand dipped strawberries!
 8.  PINK cotton candy
 9.  sweet macaroons:)
 10.  carnival days...ferris wheel
 11.  donut with sprinkles
 12.  vintage gumball machine
 13.  be happy:)
 14.  paris cafe

alrighty then,
what do you think?
any favorites?
i sure hope so because in addition to my OWN iPhone cover,
i am GIVING AWAY one to a lucky winner!

4 ways to win:
1.  go to JoyHey iPhone covers (3G, 3GS, 4G, 4GS only)
and pick the one YOU want. leave me a comment
 telling me which one you picked.
2.  must be a follower of this blog (just let me know)
4.  TWO entries if you write a blog post about this GIVEAWAY.
(please comment and tell me the link:)
winner will be chosen by random generator on
Friday, March 17.
hey...i just realized that is St. Patrick's Day!
maybe YOU will be the LUCKY winner!!:)
***i get a lot of non-bloggers visiting and that's cool...
you can enter even if you don't have your own blog!

i'll be linking to the others on Pink Saturday,
starting at 3pm on Friday afternoon,
so please hop on over and meet some of them this weekend too!



  1. I It is so cute. If I dont win, I will be ordering.want the VW cover since I have a BUG.

  2. OMGOSH! How hard to choose! I like all of them but I really love the pink rose one..and the automobile one. Can't wait to see what you pick! xo Diana

  3. I love the Serenity of Books! I am a follower on Pinterest and now follow your blog.

  4. Pink Love is my favorite, but it was really hard to choose!

  5. I am a follower. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  6. These are so incredibly cool! I think the 'Retro Phone' is cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I am a loyal follower of your blog! :)

  8. What a fun post Sis:) I love all the ones you picked, however in looking through them I like Make A Wish, the cupcake holders and candle is just too cute:) also I am always taking pictures so it would be very visible:) That is probably the neatest thing about a iphone, my camera is always with me:) sometimes it annoys people I know:)

    Hope you can pick just one for yourself, or change the cover often:)


  9. Hi Suzanne,
    I love so many of them as they are all so cute! I love the Shabby roses and the gerber daisies ones. Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. Def the roses. They are all pretty tho.

    Have a lovely PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    ~Giveaway ends 3/15 ~

  11. I like most all of them, but I would have to go with the telephone dial since I worked for them 40 years.

  12. So pretty! Come link with me with my Color Connection meme.

    Broken Leg with a bit of pink. Have a great weekend.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage gumball machine cover!! Sooooo cute!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage gumball machine cover!! Sooooo cute!

  15. Oh Suzanne!! This is amazing! I'm truly honored and appreciate the mention. Thank you so much for letting me know and taking the time to write about JoyHey. I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing the results! :) I will mention about this on my blog/Facebook/Twitter as well. Wishing you a wonderful day! :)

  16. Happy Pink Saturday
    Of course you couldn't make a decision!!!
    As much as I adore the other images I feel in love with No.1 as I have two dream cars:- a VW Beetle and the other is a 2cv so for me, even though it might not be pink, it has to be No. 1
    Wishes & Thanks for such a fun Giveaway

  17. Hi Suzanne.Love the giveaway count me in please.I adore the antiqued Gerbera daisy so lovely.

  18. Im a follower of your on pinterest as well.

  19. I was completely blown away by these covers. I have really hard time finding covers that I like. Here's my choice:

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  20. I follow you on Pinterest (Julie L. Light/Fabulous Finds Studio)

  21. Hi Suzanne,

    They are all very lovely. My favorites are the dipped strawberries and the be happy one. I'm your newest follower. Have a wonderful weekend!


  22. I found your blog and love it. Have a great night.


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