Monday, March 19, 2012

being lazy, hanging out at the beach and A WINNER!

  being lazy...that's me!
on a weekend i shouldn't have been lazy, i was
BEYOND lazy.
okay, some of you know my situation, so when i tell you
that i don't sleep well AT ALL, you'll understand when i say it got
the better of me and i napped and slept in the whole weekend.
now...i did manage to sneak in some time at the beach
since it was so gorgeous...
but i completely checked out otherwise and didn't even do the iPhone cover drawing.
i am SOOOO sorry!
anyway, each entry i received was entered into a random generator drawing.
if you had 3 entries, you had three numbers.
the SUPER lucky winner is...
Enter a lower limit: 
Enter an upper limit: 


Random Number:
(i can't get that stupid pink box to move to the center for anything:)
anyway, Tammy...if you would pop on over to visit Krista at JOYHEY,
pick out the iPhone cover you can't live without,
come back and tell me,
i'll order it for you asap and have it shipped directly to you
if that is okay.
otherwise it can come to me and i ship it.
either way, i need your mailing address so if you would send it to me
at once you've decided, we can get it ordered.
(i did not include every single amazing cover on my blog so 
you might see another on her site that you like best)
the two most popular choices from those who commented 
were the pink flowers and the vintage VW bug shown here.
as for me, i still can't make up my mind, even with all that help.
maybe i need to choose by a random drawing for my cover, too:)

by the way, i've only just "met" Tammy but oh my gosh,
she is like my other half.
just reading her "about me" is like reading about myself.
i think she has the same interests, tastes, lives in Florida.....
i am just so excited to meet her and you will be too.
her blog is so PRETTY...
just look at the photo i swiped off of it.
now is that welcoming and refreshing, or what?
i have a pink and a purple chair like this down by my pool,
so when i saw this photo on her blog,
it was just one more sign...we think alike!:)

i would like to thank every single one of the sweet ladies
who took the time to visit my giveaway/blog
and left me a lovely comment.

i wish i would win the lottery...
then i would surprise each of you with a pretty new phone cover.
but since that windfall hasn't come in,
i'll just say THANK YOU
from the bottoms of my
hope your Monday is a great start to a 

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  1. Congrats to the winner and I am so happy that you got some much needed rest- Blessings- Diana


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