Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"girls in WHITE dresses with"...

..."blue satin sashes;
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes;
silver white winters that melt into spring...
these are a few of my favorite things."

i love that song!
and spring...who doesn't love spring, right?
i'm going to whip through the rest of the so called spring fashion trends,
which, now that i think about it,
is really QUITE laughable that I am blogging about fashion trends.
oh welllll:)
let's do this.
starting with those pretty girls in their white dresses.

WHITE is always big in spring and summer.
think about it.
white is crisp, clean, fresh, youthful, innocent...
so it's a really GOOD thing white dresses are a hot pick for spring.
because we all want to be fresh, youthful or innocent...and hopefully clean:)
and if you add a pop of lace, even better!

and not just white dresses...
but all-white outfits are "IN"...
if you take my word for it!
and trust me, it's okay if you don't:)
here are a few other ways to add some white...
so there you go...white for spring.

to wrap this up, they also say 
maybe like this...

this next one is my favorite way to wear polka dots...

and floral patterns...
which i personally think one has to be VERY careful here
 to keep it current:)

maybe just a pretty floral bag...

also, PEPLUMS are getting popular this year, so THEY say:)
i think they're great for hiding a tummy pooch...
if they are not too weird.
then they add to a tummy.
just saying...
i like the subtle simplicity of this one...

which brings me to the next and white.
)since when is this NOT a trend, right?:)
rather than a graphic pattern, i like clothes simple and a louder accessory...

well, there you have it...
everything you i mean WE need to be 
stylish this spring!

oh wait...i forgot to add my suggestions for the London theme,
(cause of the summer olympics)

and the WINNER is...

remind me to never play FASHIONISTA again!
it's exhausting.
give me my jeans.
and flip flops.
and tank top.
there...i'm all set.

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  1. OHMYGOSH! You see that lace A-line tunic? I HAD that dress back in the 70's except the neckline was not cut as low as the one here.

    I am also loving those floral purses. LOVE that first one.

    It was fun seeing the fashion through your eyes though. You did a great job of it. Now..go put a floral top on over that tank top and set a fashion trend in your area. Don't forget to comb your hair before going out!;>D xo Diana


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