Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Country Girl...

so, my Country Girl, Surfer Girl, Cowgirl is 
15 years old today

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!

i didn't think you could get any sweeter and more lovable than you
were in this picture...but
my world is brighter and more beautiful every single day, 
because YOU are in it:)

both you and your sister probably sound
too good to be true to readers of my blog...
but the truth is, you're priceless gifts from God...
and like any priceless gift,
i will always TREASURE you...
and i will always LOVE you!

my wish for you is a year...and a life filled with all the WONDER
i can see in your eyes when i look at this picture of you as a child,
it was take at the most wonderful place on earth...
Disney World...Magic Kingdom...
and sweetheart,  i truly wish a wonderful, BLESSED
life where all your WISHES and DREAMS come true!
(and never give up on the fairytale:)

here is a little online "gift" i made just for you...
hope you like it!
just a girl...

this just TRULY describes my girl.
she is what she is...
my beautiful BIRTHDAY girl.
I Love You!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! hugs, Linda

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Having a great mom like you makes for some great daughters!


  3. Oh Mama, thank you soo much for this incredible blogpost :). I hope you know how much these posts mean to me...and I hope your many loyal followers know that this isn't just how you act on our birthdays. I'm so blessed to have a Mom who is loving, compassionate, helpful , fun, caring, etc. all the time! I love you to the moon and back...and will always be grateful that god gave me you :) XOXO Jordan

  4. Happy Birthday to Jordan.Have a lovely one!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to your wonderful, sweet daughter! xo Diana

  6. Your girls are both so unbelievably special! Very rare today!


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