Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Parade...

don't you love this time year?
spring, EASTER...
it's such a beautiful time.
I remember when i was a little girl,
it also meant something else.
it was a time to go shopping with my mom for
a new PRETTY Easter dress...
there was just something about it that i'll never forget.
every little girl at church paraded in on Easter Sunday with their
Easter Dress...and sometimes a new hat/bonnet,
new little purse or matching shoes.
for some reason, i remember we could actually wear white...
before labor day...
as in white patent leather mary janes and
white sandals.

the colors were all so pretty!
i remember my favorite dress EVER.
it was a pretty robin's egg blue and white...
kind of like a "Heidi" dress.
it looked a little like this... Baby Girls Easter Dresses (3M - 4T): Clothing brings back such memories:)
and when my own girls were little, i dressed them up...
and they were always matching:)
but i also remember it seemed to end at an earlier age than when i was a kid..
now, i'm wondering...and HOPING...
that girls still dress up for church.
in particular, Easter Sunday.
cause if they don't, they're missing out on something special.
look at these sisters from way back...
makes me wish i had a photo like this:)

truly the good ol' days!

down here in casual Florida, 
pastels and sundresses seem to ALWAYS be in.
but up north, where i grew up,
it's just one more sign of spring.
nothing like an EASTER parade to get you in the springtime mood:)
Easter Parade

 i also remember how we went to Florida when i was young...
and they had an Easter Bonnet parade.
it was soooo much fun making up cute, quirky hats.
i could be wrong but i vaguely remember dressing up one of my nieces.

look at some of the clever Easter Bonnets and dresses in these parades...

Sweet Southern Belles...

 ADORABLE little girls in their bonnets...

WOW...these are amazing:)
they're wearing a whole Easter basket on their head!

i hope this family won...
and maybe after the parade, or for Easter brunch,
how about some PRETTY 
Easter Bonnet cookies!

isn't this so much fun?

tell me, did you get a new Easter dress or 
make a bonnet when you were younger?
if so, what did your favorite look like?

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Yep- We always got a new outfit for Easter. My very favorite was one with blue/violet lilacs all over it. It was a printed cotton sateen and had a matching chiffon over top of it. The cumberbund was the same blue/violet of the flowers. I wore it with an off white hat with those same flowers on it. xo Diana


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