Friday, November 21, 2008

Vintage Shabby Beaded Christmas new favorite project!

Today I finished my Christmas tree. It is made from old, broken jewelry pieces or ones that I was missing a match to. I then used various pearls, again mainly from old necklaces I have gathered and finished my tree. I only wish it photographed better because it is truly beautiful. I saw one similar but bigger for almost $500. As I stood there looking at it, I realized I could make my own version, which I will be listing at my etsy shop It is soooo pretty. Now I'm going to have to offer to buy old, broken pieces of jewelry from everyone I know!:-)

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  1. Your blog is awesome!! I told my friends to come check it out. Come check out my blog sometime. You can email me at or visit my blog I am looking forward from an email from you. I will put you on my blogroll, if you would like me too. Your blog was very interesting, ok bye!!
    PS: Cute tree, very unique


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