Thursday, April 15, 2010

Woof, Woof...From Freddy

Look at me...
It's my Birthday!!!!

Yep, I know my Mommy is taking a blog break.
But it's my 7th Birthday...
Which means I'm actually older than her!
Don't you think that deserves a blog post to celebrate lil ol' me?

Okay, here goes...
My name is Freddy Boom-Boom.
My dad wasn't crazy about getting a dog but my mom said
"who cares...we're getting one anyway".
That's how I got to be here.
(And just to be nice, they named me after my daddy's favorite golfer,
Freddy Couples, just to make sure he fell in love with me...which he did:-)

I was born in Florida (I'm a Native!!!!) on April 15th.
(Yes, they thought about naming me Uncle Sam)

I have 2 big sisters who love birthdays and love to spoil me.
They also love to dress me up...Yuk!!!

I also have a little brother.
Well, he's about 55lbs more than me so he is a BIG little brother.
I act like I don't want him around but at night,
my family finds me curled up with him.
(And don't mess with him because I am very protective of that Big/Little guy!!!:-)

I love to ride in the car with my Mommy.
She says I'm her little co-pilot.
I would do anything for my Mommy!

I love to chew bones.
I like tennis balls but not to play fetch.
I prefer to hide them from my brother.
And sometimes I chase Maui around the pool.
I could catch him if I wanted to but I let him beat me most of the time.
I'm kind of nice like that, you know.

Most of all I love my Ruby.
Ruby is a stuffed reindeer that has lost all of her eyes and only has one antler...
but I love her anyway.

She's my special friend and when I am upset,
there is nothing I like better than being with my Ruby.
But I have to watch out because Maui will eat her.
My poor in a house with that monster.

I broke my leg when I was a puppy and ever since then I have been very spoiled.
Look at what my family gave me for my birthday...
A Florida gators raincoat.

Now my fur won't get all wet and yucky when I need to go out in the rain.
And I do look kind of cute, if I do say so myself!

Hmmm, what else...
My favorite food in the whole wide world is pizza.
Or anything my daddy is eating!

Well, I guess that's about it.
If you were here I'd give you some of my birthday cake.

Thanks for stopping by my mom's blog.



  1. This is the best and cutest blog post every!!!!! xoxoxx

  2. Oh honey if I should ever have to be re-incarnated I will beg to come back as Freddie. He is so precious and his bubba is nothing to sneeze at. MY brother (human one) is Freddie and I bet he wishes he could have just a smidgeon as much hair as your Freddie does. Love ya girl and yall have a blast celebrating this special VIP. Mollye


    He is soooooooooo adorable, and reminds me so much of Stella!
    Your lookin' pretty hot yourself!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Happy birthday Freddie the cute pooch!!

  5. That was the sweetest...happy bday to your furbaby!

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm in love. You and I both took a blogging break at the same Mine was called birthday vacation. lol.

    I adore your sweet one here..Would she like to make some puppies with one of my toy poodles. I think we would be having wonderful 'grandchildren' together,,lol


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