Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Morning Gorgeous...See Our Latest Creations

doesn't that make you smile?
it did me, so i want you to smile too:)
and how about this one.....

okay, okay.....on to our latest creations.
we haven't sat on the beach ALL summer, you know.
almost.....but not quite:)
while Taylorina the ballerina was away at Boston Ballet,
Jordie and i had to have SOMEthing to show for our time.
and this is what we came up with!
for a change i'll start with my favorite first.

jordan saw the idea for a beach coverup on pinterest.
all it takes is an oversized men's t-shirt, tie dye stuff and a tiny bit of sewing,
and look what she created.
is this COOL or what??????????
instructions for cover-up

she also saw this idea for wrapping your headphones with embroidery thread,
kinda like a hair wrap but on cords.
and these are the first...but not last cords we made.
too stinkin cute if you ask me!;)

then, we got in a mood for jewelry.......
cute little rosebud earrings

we agreed to dye a few vintage slips for a friend's shop.......

and what summer would be complete without a spray paint project?
here, we bought cheap glass bowls and vases from goodwill and sprayed em up good.
not bad, huh?
because we love all things beachy,
we made starfish hair pins.
kinda sweet, aren't they?

and last but MOST DEFINITELY not least,
my own Mom got in on the act.
you see, my aunt is in a nursing home and gets lots of cards.
my mom can't leave them all there forever as they are piling up.
(isn't that a great problem to have though?)
anyway, she would take a pile home now and then
 and only leave the most recent ones.
THEN, we put our heads together, with a little help from pinterest,
she came up with this clever little book.......

 isn't that great?
she bought a pack of those metal rings at Michaels, punched a hole in my aunt's cards,
decorated the ring with ribbon and VOILA.......
my aunt can flip through her cards anytime she likes.
this would be a great way for anyone to save cards, right?
way to go mom!!!:)

okay, one last happy thought for your Thursday........

linking up with this party today....
oh heck!
today is only thursday.
oh well.....


  1. Suzanne- What a wonderful fun time with the kids! I am so going to make those TShirt cover ups from my kids- They are DARLING!!!! Thanks-xo Diana

  2. I love the starfish in the pretty glass bowls! and the great quotes!


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