Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what are you wearing this Fall?

okay, living in south florida as Fall approaches is
for those who don't know, we are still technically in
hurricane season and this time of the year is the HOTTEST and the
STEAMIEST time of the whole year.
i know, you thought it was summer.
and while that's hot, there's just something especially miserable about fall.
(not to complain or anything. haha:)
maybe it's because we know that up north,
you're getting cooler temps, pretty fall days and maybe even
a glimpse of color change in the leaves.
go ahead, i give you permission to gloat:)

so when i talk about Fall style,
please know i am still in tank tops, shorts and sandals.
but i can't wait to pull on jeans, boots and MAYBE a sweater
the minute our humidity drops.
i am going to show you what i WOULD be wearing
 if i had a normal fall to wear it in.
but first, what are the experts saying will be IN this fall?

i tried and tried to look up fall fashions but basically,
there are some UGLY trends out there right now.
and because i'm getting old.....and know what i like.....
i decided, who cares what they say to wear anyway, right?
so instead of specific items,
i'm giving you a few colors that are supposed to be everywhere.
this way, if you care about trends, 
you might grab a single piece in a fall color, 
you know?

the best i could tell, two colors that are big this fall are 
hunter green.
honorable mention goes to
let's take a closer look.......
 notice the pea coat in burgundy, turtleneck and colored jeans.
key items, they say:)

in this photo, see the colored jeans again, and also the army green trench
(military touches are popular)
and the plaid.

so you see,
simply adding a pair of burgundy gloves might just make you look
as if you stepped off the runway.
or maybe not:)
it would take a WHOLE HECK OF A LOT
 more than gloves for me,
that's for sure:)
 i will enjoy a burgundy sweater and i love the burgundy leather backpack.
i have never worn a lot of green so that would have to be trial and error,
if i wear any at all:) 
but my mom's friend Betty is going to be rockin that green, for sure!!!:)

and now for my personal preferences,
cause i know you are wantin to know.....not:)  
basically, i don't much care what they say.........
for FALL,
i LOVE blue jeans, natural tones (cream, sand) sweaters, 
warm, worn, medium brown leather accessories 
colored leather accessories
gold/jewel tone jewelry, 
football jerseys/sweatshirts/fleeces,
turquoise anything,
boots and that about does it.
nothing new for me, right?:)
my favorite thing here is the purse.
also love the burgundy boots.
and now that i see burgundy and hunter green with my natural tones,
i like the look.
maybe i will add some trendy colors after all:)


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