Monday, July 14, 2014

Sprinkles, Prayer, Happy Pills and Flowers.......Being HAPPY on a Monday Morning!

Being happy on a Monday morning isn't as
easy as it sounds.
Monday means work, school (some parts of the year),
 the end of vacation.........and who knows what else.
So how can we have a better Monday morning?

Saying a prayer and asking for a lil help would be a start:)

Monday means coffee..........and lots of it! hahaha

~Happy Pills~
No silly, not THOSE kind of happy pills.
THESE kind of happy pills.
Make yourself a little set of happy pills for the office:)

Stop by and grab a few on the way to work, or bring some from your yard.
Nothing fancy...just something to brighten the day!
If you're lucky enough to have lilacs like these from my
mama's yard, definitely bring them:)

~Compliment Someone~
Sincerely, genuinely honestly find something to compliment someone for.
Big, little.........make their day! (nothing better than a good cereal maker;)
~Be Positive~
Don't think of all you HAVE to do, 
or didn't get done last week.
This ia a NEW week.
 Don't look back, look forward.

That's right, take a few minutes to let you mind wander.
Think about an upcoming vacation,
about a special dinner you have planned,
think about sneaking off for an ice cream cone.........with sprinkles!:)
anything to make YOU smile!

And on this Monday morning........
know that you are loved!


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