Saturday, April 11, 2015

I will be HAPPY to Pay $17,0000 for a GOLD Apple Watch when it does these things........

You read it right.
For this Apple Deluxe GOLD watch......or one similar to it.
Now, I believe they start at close to $350.
Some people can afford that model of watch, really want the watch, will use the watch.........
and if they want it, should get the watch. 
Within reason.
At least, in my opinion.
And in case you hadn't's still my blog:)  hehe

And before anyone complains, I know.
There ARE people who can afford to pay $12,000-$17,000 for the watch.
But that doesn't mean they should.
There ARE people who work very hard for the money they have.
But really?  For a watch?
Okay.........for the uber billionaires who want a super apple watch,
I say maybe up to $5,000.  
And this isn't just about Apple watches, but all watches that cost an astronomical amount.
I mean, are y'all crazy?

Because it's JUST A WATCH.
That lets you do things, yes.
And a $600 model will let you do those same things.
I'm not saying I'll NEVER have one but I will say it won't be the first one off the line,
and it won't be a high priced one.
Besides, I have too many beautiful watches that I'm not ready to give up.

I'm sure they're cool.
And techies love their cool tech toys.
I get that.
I'm happy for them.
The reasonable ones.
But 12,000/15,000/17,000?
What in the heck are we teaching our children?
We're messing them up, that's for sure.

My daughter works at a boutique in a high end shopping center.
And a few doors away is an apple store.
One of the salesmen said they had sold more of the $12-$17,000 version than anything else.  
In fact, there is a wait list.
So here is my criteria for what ANY watch with that price tag SHOULD do.
And when it does, maybe I'll buy it.

1.  When I lose weight by putting that watch on my wrist, I'll buy it.  
Not just a little, but about 30lbs.
And I don't mean by tracking my steps.
Or counting my calories.
But I mean when the pounds melt off at record pace, sign me up.

2.  When it cures childhood cancer and other horrific diseases
simply by wearing it, I'll buy one.
If it kills my MS once and for all, I'll buy it tomorrow.
But it won't.
So instead, I'll give my money to research.

3.  If it guarantees a good, sound sleep.......EVERY night, that'd be nice.

4.  If it takes my dogs out at 10 p.m on a rainy night, I'd be tempted.

5.  Cleaning house........that would be nice.  Or making dinner.
But's just a watch.

6.  It doesn't fight crime, so that's no good.

7.   It can't keep someone without heat it's pretty worthless there.
Or feed someone who is hungry.  What good is it;)

8.  It offers no solution to wars.........or to help our veterans.  I would've paid for that.

9.  I know........if it can come up with a really, truly, wonderful candidate for President and 
make sure they win........I'd fork out a few bucks for that.

10.    If it made me or someone else happy on sad days, strong on weak days,
energetic on tired days, I'd really like that.  

 When spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a watch guarantees these qualities in everyone,
 it's mine!

So there you have it.
When this watch does all that, I will buy one.
(and I am only speaking about the ones over $5,000, okay?  Got it? I'm not denying the pleasure to more sensible/affluent folk)
I really do understand that some people can afford luxury and truly love it.
But there is a limit.
I don't have a socialist mentality.
But i think I do have common sense.
Surely there is a local hospital or church that could do GREAT things with your money.
But until then, I'll keep my pretty little watches, and keep my phone, and keep giving to those who need it, and sharing what I have that I no longer need. 
Somebody please tell me when it actually does all this because then it'll be a keeper.

But UNTIL then, Apple and all you other OVERPRICED watch companies,
you can keep them.
I'll enjoy the simple things.

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