Sunday, May 24, 2015

JUST BECAUSE.......It's Funny, Gorgeous, Cool, Boho, Good For You, True, Special, and Wise...........

So, what on earth is a blog post titled 
It's a blog post from someone whose brain is somewhat fried,
who saw a bunch of random things and thought
"Why can't I share that on my blog?"
"Why does it have to make sense?"
So here we go, JUST BECAUSE!

Just because this made me laugh:)

Just Because this may be the most GORGEOUS Cupcake ever!

Just Because I have ALWAYS loved this idea....
and when my daughter eventually goes away to school, I will do this.
A packet of letters for various occasions/moods/moments
 when she may want or need a note from me.

Just Because I think these letters are so COOL and BOHO and perfect for spelling the word 
 (letters from Urban Outfitters)

Just Because this is something good to know and good for you!

 Just Because this is another great idea.......instead of fixing all our little issues all at once, plug away at them month by month, setting NEW habits in the process!

Just Because this is so stinking cute and clever and makes me SMILE!

 Just Because this is so true.  

 Just Because we all need a break once in awhile, right?

Just Because I MISS TUTUS and BALLET so much, especially my beautiful daughter's dancing.....and I even miss being a Dance Mom.......but the good kind:)

 Just because I think this is an awesome quote and the girl could be one of my daughters.

Just Because I love horses and if I could have one, it would look like this!

Just Because it's almost Summer and therefore it's swimsuit it's time to get to work:)
Just Because I love throwing parties for kids way more than adults,
I love fussing over cute treats,
I miss these days and I can't wait to be a Grandma.  Or a GiGI.  Or a Memaw.
Or whatever the heck they want to call me......... on a regular basis.
And also Just Because I love yummy and EASY treats and this looks like
cupcakes with gumdrops, gumdrop slices and peach rings!

Just Because I LOVE my dogs and believe this with my whole heart!

Just Because I love jars, and flowers, and burlap, and lace!

Just Because I believe this!  Sometimes I need to be reminded of this.  Oftentimes.  But I always believe it.  And I hope you do too. <3 p="">

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