Thursday, October 23, 2008

China & Cameos

Look what I found at my favorite little antique shop...a few beautiful PINK pieces of Limoges China!!! I have hated my boring (yet very classic) china for years. What was I thinking??? Ayway, in my effort to replace it i have been scouring shops for awhile now, looking for odds and ends pieces to make a set of china. (I think I first read about this in Shabby Chic, by Rachel Ashwell) Anyway, it's kind of fun to grab a few pieces here and there. Even though all of the pieces may be different, they will definitely have that "shabby" pink feel.

I also found this beautiful cameo. It was hard to get a closeup shot but it's a copper color with swarovski crystals around it and a gold base. Now I can't decide what to do with it!:-)

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