Thursday, October 9, 2008

Flower Power Pens

I'm hung up on one of my all-time favorite projects...flower pens. They are soooo simple to make yet so pretty. Here are a few I made recently and will list on etsy. I have made these as a "first day of school" flower bouquet for my daughter's teachers for years. They love them (and recently requested them,which explains my flower mood.) these are "flowers" they can truly use all year long. When other teachers saw them, they would place their own order (even after I told them they were nothing to make:-) I learned it was also important to warm up to the school office staff and they love how these brighten their desk area. I'm sending one in to the ballet studio and they work great at any office, store and even my vet loves them. Cute, super easy and *cheap* to make gift idea!

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