Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

We've all heard the saying...
"anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad"
Then I'm the winner here...
because my dad is special...
a very special dad.

And today is his birthday.  
81 years...
81 years that he has graced the earth,
and the lives of everyone who are blessed enough to know him.

He is one of those people who listens more than he talks...
really listens.
And people have always loved that about him.
Because most of us can't wait to have our say...
but not my dad...
and do you know what that does?
It makes you really pay attention when he quietly speaks...
because he has listened and has something to say...
something worth listening to.

He spent his birthday golfing, going to dinner with my mom and
going for a bike ride.
He plays shuffleboard...
and he's really good! (4th place this week in his tournament)
 He's a handyman...
can fix anything.
He can repair and even make golf clubs...
 He should have been an inventor with all of the things he has created.
He has a green thumb that would put most people to shame...
and was "green" before anyone knew what it was...
collecting his own rainwater to water his flowers, fertilizing with coffee grounds...
 He can put together ANY puzzle...
more than I can say! 

He woke early to work and provide for us...
I feel like he was up by 3 or 4 a.m but I'm not sure.
Then he came home to drive this ungrateful girl to piano lessons.
He even took us camping every year.
And did I mention what a wonderful Grandpa he is? 

It’s not the norm anymore
to have a dad who’s there,
REALLY there.

But I had that.

My dad was the provider for his family,
came home every night,
and his predictability
gave us a sense of stability and security.
I could always depend on him
to be responsible, trustworthy,
and a great role model.

I learned a lot of good things
from watching him.
Like how to listen...and then speak.
(when I remember to do it this way) 
to raise my children in a loving home,
to know God.

My dad is one of those dads other people wish they had...but he's mine:)
Happy Birthday Dad...
I love you! 


  1. What a beautiful post! I have an amazing dad too and can't imagine life without him! Happy Birthday to your dad and Happy New Year to you!!


  2. That was beautiful! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  3. Dads make their kids the prioritizing factor in every decision they make. They make sure that nothing and nobody takes precedence over their children. If needs be, they give up careers, homes, and dreams to be where there child is. They do it, and they do it at any cost.

    Proud to be a Single Dad

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your father. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!
    Dad's make the world go round'!!

  5. Oh Sue, I know Mom and I are both crying to read this, every word is just what I would have said if I had your talent for writing! Thanks for putting into words what all of us and everyone who meets Dad thinks!

    love you sis


  6. Sue, thank you for writing this about Uncle Leo. It is so true and so eloquently put into words!


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