Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shabby Chicks...How did I come up with that?

Wish I knew!
Hahaha...this is where the flaky, ADD part of me is VERY apparent!
Cheryl at Zany-Mayd is having a vintage goodie giveaway and she wants to know,
 so I'll try to explain the unexplainable:)

Okay...Shabby Chicks...
there are 3 chicks in this house...
my 2 girls and me.
We LOVE everything shabby and chic...
which is where shabby chicks got it's name.
Simple, right?
I get bored...easily!
I know what they say...never ever change your blog name.
You'll lose friends and followers...
people won't know how to find you.
I've kept the shabbychicks.blogspot.com address BUT...
I've changed the name...more than once!

And if I had my way, I'd change it again...and AGAIN!
Change is good, right?

SO we started with Shabby Chicks.
Then I changed it to the
Shabby Tiara.
I don't know how the heck I came up with that, except we kept the shabbiness and added something I love...crowns.
But "Shabby Crowns" didn't sound good so I named it Shabby Tiara.
 That lasted about a year...or so.
Then, after I was diagnosed with MS I changed it to "Fairytales and Grace".
Fairytales~because I have stuff on my blog about fairytales...quotes, photos...
and I always told my girls that while fairytales like those in books may not exist, 
their own real life fairytales COULD come true. 
Don't argue with me on this one, PLEASE:)
Grace~because if it weren't for the Grace of God, 
we'd all be in trouble, to put it simply.
 And without His Grace, 
I would never be able to deal with the MS thing.
But you have to know, I was on steroids when I made this change
so I didn't totally think it through.
Same with my other blog's name
"Confessions of a Cool Mom" (tongue in cheek here:)
 I mean, I started writing two books at that time too...
ask me how far I got with THOSE! lol

Then there was the time I wanted it to be something with Mermaids in the title.
 My old email was named Pink Mermaids...named BY my girls and also FOR my girls.
 But then I found out about the MS and went in another direction.

I also once changed it to Sugar Beach Cottage.
I have NO IDEA why or where it came from...
but it sounded like a place I would like to visit someday.
(See...told you I was FLAKY:) 

And now we're back at Shabby Chicks...for the moment.
Notice I didn't make an announcement of this
or ask you to change my name back to this on your blog...
because I'm dying to change it yet again.
As I said, I keep the address the same so I guess I can be found
if anyone wants to badly enough:)
And Jan. 1st IS right around the corner...
new year, new blog name?
Maybe not for most people BUT...
stay tuned!
And check out the other stories at Cheryl's place. 


  1. call it whatever you want, as long as you keep the address the same and I can still find you!

  2. I agree....call it whatever you want, just have the same address! You are so funny, great story and all great names! Your girls are so beautiful, I would want them included in everything too! I hope you are feeling well and want to wish you and your family a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

  3. Wow! You HAVE changed names a lot, but I like this name. I have other friends with MS so I'll hold you up in prayer, too. Your blog has a bouncy feel. Some call it ADD but I call it lively. Happy New Year almost, Suzanne!

  4. no matter what you call yourself, i'm glad you call me friend


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