Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Neighbors I can Live Without...

like this guy...
he acts like he owns the place or something!

okay, okay...
Florida...swamp...I guess he WAS here first.
but still...does he have to sunbathe across the street from me???
his skin's looking kind of rough anyway:)

so how are things in YOUR neighborhood???


  1. Oh he would make me unhappy also. It's rainy here but that's a good day for indoor stuff. hugs, Linda

  2. No kidding oh my goodness! My son would so want to go over there! How scary but yeah, he was probably there first ;)

  3. OH my they sure would like what I posted this morning


  4. Oh my gosh! Thank goodness I don;t have any of these in the neighborhood! Just a stray cat or two! They really are ancient looking creatures aren't they. I enjoyed your previous post too. Such beautiful summery inspiration!

  5. Oh, I don't think I'd be crossing the street to visit with him..

    Girlfriend, your blog is looking soo pretty these days.. Lovin' it..


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