Monday, February 25, 2013

The Reason Why I Blog. . . . . . .

 if you have a blog,
this is a really good question to ask once in awhile.
i mean, there are definitely some who know 
why they blog.
usually, it means they're really good at something. . . . . .
cooking, crafting, writing, photography, parenting, couponing, organizing.
and they are kind enough to share it with the rest of us.
thank you for that!
but for a few of us, we are just as clueless as to why we blog
as you are when you look at our blog.
take mine for instance.
it's all over the place!
sometimes in the same that's crazy.
but that's me.

and i think it's really important,
if you like to blog,
to take a look at the why's of it every once in awhile.
so that's what i'm doing today.
and guess what conclusion i'm coming to.
my reasons are pretty much the same,
i just get off track every so often.
but basically, i blog for me.
yep, you read that right.
for me.
every now and then i start writing for others,
and that's when i go off track.
that's when i get stuck.
and that is when i think " this is stupid...i'm done with this silly 'ol blog".

but within a few weeks, i miss it.
then i'm back:)
lucky you!  
hahahaha. . . . .just kidding:)

well, maybe i don't just blog for me.
i also blog for you!
i just meant i blog about the things i would like to read if i were you.
hmmmmm. . . . .i have a feeling that didn't come out quite right,
 but my intentions are good:)

because i have not taken the time to master
any one particular thing 
(i can do a lot of things but am master of pretty much none:)
i  steer away from trying to teach others my
half-baked way of doing something.
unless i am totally confident i did it right the first time:)
which is why you rarely see tutorials on my blog.
a teacher i am not.
(i do find great photos though, don't ya think? :)
but what/who  i am, is this;
~ ~ a friend, mother, wife, daughter, sister
~ ~ whose faith is important to her
~ ~ who is extremely forgetful and downright flaky
~ ~ who still hasn't totally grown up. . . and never will
~ ~ who has somehow, so far, managed to raise 2 pretty incredible young ladies
~ ~ who loves to laugh and cry. . . .sometimes in the same conversation
~ ~ who is still a dreamer. . . .and who encourages that in others
~ ~ who would rather stay home with her family, 
watch reruns on tv and eat caramel corn way more than a fancy dinner out 
~ ~ who is very nice. . . .until you mess with her children. 
 or dogs. who are not pets but boys. my precious boys.
so don't mess with them;)
~ ~ who is grossly unorganized but tries to fix this every day.  not successful but i try.
~ ~ who was once told she was a "simpleton" by a somewhat confused patient. . . and didn't know it was a compliment, until now. i'll take simple every day of the week:)
~ ~ who has everything and nothing in this crazy world figured out.
~who has her own struggles and flaws
~ ~ who believes that if nothing else, sharing a smile with someone is a fabulous achievement.
 which brings me to this blog.
why i blog. . . . .
not because i do or say anything brilliant.
but because i try, most days, to be happy about something.
to smile about something.
at least once.
because that is important.
and if i can make someone else smile at my blog,
i did something fabulous.
so that's it.
that's why i blog.
i don't say the words "smile" or "be happy" casually.
i don't always feel like smiling, and i am not always happy.
and i know the same goes for you too.
but i do believe if we look around us, there has to be something worth smiling about.
so with that, i hope that today, you smile. . . .at someone or something.
and feel a teeny tiny bit of happiness.
and if not today, i hope tomorrow is a better day.
i may not be the best at blog comments,
but if you need a friendly shoulder to lean on,
i'm right here, willing and able:)
because besides blogging for me, i really do blog for you. (there, i said it:)
i just don't keep track of visits, comments or followers closely.
don't get me wrong, i LOVE them.
i simply hope that the person who needs something i have to give will
somehow stumble on my lowly blog.
and be happy:)


  1. Wow! You have no idea how much this post resonates with me!! I really needed this today, thanks for sharing Suzanne!

    And yes, you made me smile!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Suze...and you made my day! See how easy this was:) xoxo.

  3. You are a wonderful wonderful person! :') Loved every bit of it.


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