Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nice People, Great Food and Country Music......this must be Nashville, TN!

hey y'all. . . . . . .
it's me, Suzanne.
you probably don't remember me, it's been so long since i
wrote anything on this blog.
but it's been kinda busy.
and to help matters, we all had that lovely little thing called
the FLU!
(not fun:)

for those who don't know, 
in the life of a ballet student (and her mom)
this time of year is "audition season".
they audition for a spot at summer programs and possibly 
a spot to perform/train all year long,
all in the hopes of someday becoming a professional ballerina.
if you're lucky, you live in a big city where auditions are held.
we are not, although we're close to Miami, so a few of Taylor's
auditions were held there.
however, Nashville was not coming near us this year,
and since they were interested last year and vice-versa , we took a little
trip up to Nashville last weekend.
(I had to leave my youngest chick home
 with a relapse of the flu.

first let me say, the audition for Nashville Ballet went well.
okay, on to the rest of the trip. . . . . .
it was so much fun!
it was fun to be with my 18 year old. . . . . . . 
and kinda bittersweet too.
i mean, we were there checking out a potential new home.  sniff, sniff:)
but it was a great trip.
here she is going to see Nashville Ballet perform on Saturday night. . . . . 

it helps that we LOVE country music.
they play it everywhere!
one of my pet peeves is to be in a public place (store etc. . . .)
and the music over the speakers is some grossly offensive pop or rap star
that we wouldn't listen to for anything,
but they force it on you.
so this was a nice change. a very nice change!

probably the one thing that i will ALWAYS remember about Nashville is
the people.
oh my goodness. . . . .i thought i could be friendly and talk to strangers,
but they have me beat!
they make you feel like their new best friend!
i don't mean one or two people, but every single person, from the car rental lady,
to the valet at the hotel, the receptionists, sales clerks, waitresses. . . .
what a great impression to leave with someone.

then, besides the music and the nice people,
i was struck by the food.

like, down home finger licking good food!
we had the BEST hot fried chicken of our lives at Hattie B's.
the BEST biscuits at the Loveless Cafe.

YUMMY sweet potato pancakes at the Pancake Pantry.
i'll stop there before i really embarrass myself with how much we ate.
let's just say, when you are getting a rental car and the lady says
"you know you'll gain weight here, don't ya?" you should listen.:)
cause she knows what she's talking about!

we had to go to the Grand Ole Opry.
we almost didn't. . . .just tired, you know?
but we went anyway and i'm so happy we did!
we can now say we were on stage at the Opry,
 saw the dressing rooms. . . . . .

and learned a few things we never knew.
we even saw where Hee Haw was filmed. lol

yep, it was a good trip!
if you get the chance, you should go.
put on your best boots and scoot down to Nashville.
hopefully you like country music at least a little bit.
and if you haven't tried it in awhile, check it out.
there's a reason it's becoming so popular these days.
a really good reason:)
by the way, stop by Two Old Hippies in The Gulch. . . . .
my new favorite store:)
glad to be back on my blog. . . . . .
see you around!

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  1. How awful about the flu but how great about your daughter. Nashville has a real life of its own, doesn't it? How exciting for your daughter- xo Diana


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